Author Topic: Please help me. 9 month old doesn't sleep  (Read 2288 times)

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Please help me. 9 month old doesn't sleep
« on: December 03, 2020, 02:46:16 am »
I cannot figure out how to make my son sleep. The first few months of his life we co-slept and bed shared. This was okay with me BUT I was having intense issues with my neck and the way I had to sleep with him was not working. We moved to a crib pushed against the bed. Now he's in his own room (he's been in there for about 3 months). He had a dark room with white noise and a small nightlight. Throughout all of that time, he has woken up constantly. Including my pregnancy, I have not had more than 3-4 consecutive hours of sleep in almost a year (and that's on a good night). He has gotten worse and worse and we are now at the point where he often wakes up every 45-90 minutes (one or two sleep cycles). We've tried CIO which worked amazing with our daughter. He would not stop. He cried for two hours multiple times. He's generally unhappy and cries all the time anyway. He had (has?) colic. I've done probiotics, vitamins, skipped the vitamins, extreme elimination diets for myself as he is BFing (diary, soy, gluten, sugar, etc) no caffeine, exercise, holding out longer for naps, trying to make sure he's not over tired/not tired enough. Nothing works. I cannot continue on like this. I've had mental breakdowns in the middle of the night. I'm getting up 5-10 times each night and I just can't do this anymore. If he would actually sleep with me, I'd let him but I guess when I put him in another room I ruined that bc he doesnt fall asleep with me anymore. Plus he'd climb off the bed when he woke up and hurt himself. I'm exhausted. I need something to change.