Author Topic: Not crying, but not sleeping either  (Read 1837 times)

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Not crying, but not sleeping either
« on: January 12, 2021, 12:24:24 pm »
Hello everyone!
I would like to ask for your guys' advice.
My 4 month old is an  Angel/Textbook baby and is generally fine on the routine.
During her day naps, she often wakes up and just fusses or talks to herself (rarely does the mantra cry) for 30 minutes or even an hour, and then goes back to sleep. I do not enter her room, she normally self-soothes. We have recently switched to a 4-hour routine, but she did the same on a 3-hour one.
Should it concern me that in fact she only gets half the sleep time? She is always well-rested and happy when I come to get her, I am just wondering if I am not wasting so much of her time letting her just lay in the boring crib...
Please let me know your thoughts! Am I overreacting?