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3.5 month old - difficult to sleep/short naps


Hello there, I am new to this forum and I would be glad to get some advice on applying Shh pat/PUPD method.
First, our story short - since birth, my son never fell asleep on his own - at first while breastfeeding, then with bouncing on gym ball and/or baby wrap, and most commonly with rocking and singing or shhing. Until recently, all of the naps happened on myself as I could not transfer him on the bed disregarding of the time. He woke up either immediately or 5-20 minutes later.
For a month now, I am trying the shh pat method for night sleep but I am not sure if I do it right. Very often he wakes up several times within the first hour.
First of all I carry him across the dark room and sing a song or two. After that I swaddle him. Very often he starts crying. Until he calms down, I still sing a song or shh and pad him first walking then I sit still. Sometimes I give a pacifier. When he starts to close eyes I transfer him to the cot and shh/pat. Most of the times he becomes upset, open eyes widely and cries. If he does not calm down by shh/pat and paci, I pick him up and repeat from start. For the PUPD method, I am not sure - shall I do the shh/pat until he is asleep or only untill calm and then I just sit there and expect him to fall asleep on his own?

My biggest problem though is the day naps, I try the same procedure to help him fall asleep, however he always wakes up at ariund 30 minutes and whatever I try he either won't fall back to sleep, or falls asleep for maximum 10 minutes. Only way to have longer day naps is to baby wear him and move or to hold him in my hands and when he moves I start walking and singing or shushung (and even this works only occasionally).

In the stroller or in the car it is the same story-wakes up moody after 30 min and cannot fall back to sleep (it happened may be 2 times only to give him a paci and after 10 minutes to fall back to sleep)

I am desparate and feel this is a never ending story. Please help!

Also I have a few more questions?
- What is the ultimate goal of the shhgpat/PUPD - and how is falling asleep look like and for what period you are supposed to achieve that? Shall you just sit there and do nothing or you can pat/shh/sing? I am practicing it for more than a month now, and each time my baby cries a lot. I eventually either put him in bed when almost asleep or use a pacifier.
- Is using pacifier OK for falling asleep?
- Shall I wait until situation gets better with night sleep in order to apply the methid for day naps or is it done simultaneously?


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