Author Topic: Our DD still hasn't adjusted to1 nap. Is daycare the issue??  (Read 687 times)

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Our DD still hasn't adjusted to1 nap. Is daycare the issue??
« on: February 02, 2021, 01:49:49 am »
Hello. our DD is 2 weeks away from 19 months. The moment she was put in the toddler class at her daycare at 15 months our once sleeping beauty started to truly struggle w/ sleep. After a few weeks of being in the toddler room she stared show what i thought to be signs of dropping her second nap to match what was being done at daycare (kiddies nap from 12:30-2:30). So after a week or two of her occasionally skipping her morning nap i decided it was time to drop to one nap. At this point we are almost to 16 months and she finally started taking one 2.5 hour nap. Keep in mind when she was on two naps she would sleep for 3.5 hours total. After 3 days of taking 2.5 hour naps she then started to regress at went to 2,1.5,1 hour nap total. We were consistent and kept her at 1 nap up until she turned 17 months and then decided she obviously wasn't getting the sleep she needed. So at 17 months we decided to move her back to two and at the same time her vocabulary exploded and we had an early 18 month regression on our hands. She had all the signs. We made it through that entire month of only one 30 min everyday for 1 month, although at daycare she was sleeping for 1.5 hours. Once we surpassed that phase i thought maybe her 1 nap will become longer and better. NOPE! All of that being said since she's ben on 1 nap she sleeps from 12-1:15 and is tired by 4pm. Turns into an absolute fuss pot. Bed time is 6:30/6:45. Falls asleep within 15min. Wake time is between 6:30/6:45.
What do i do? Put her back on a 2 nap schedule? She's always been on the side of needing more sleep then most kids her age. She goes to daycare 4days a week, so do we just try and fix the problem on the 3days we have her home with us?

That was a lot! I would really appreciate and sort of advice. Ps. Naps don't need to be pushed back. it results with the same amout of sleep.