Author Topic: Help! 2.75 yo with suddenly messy sleep  (Read 1211 times)

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Help! 2.75 yo with suddenly messy sleep
« on: February 04, 2021, 20:25:22 pm »
My 2y8mo old has been an amazing sleeper since he was a baby (was a thumb sucker, stopped just before 2). For many months he had a reliable schedule, awake 6:30/7, nap 2-330, bedtime 8pm. Then suddenly about a month ago, he started stalling a ton at bedtime and naptime, and started waking at night. The night wakings have gotten progressively worse. We tried a lot of different techniques. At one point for about a week and a half my husband had to sleep in his room with him because my sons anxiety was so bad when wed leave. We have been working hard to reassure him and rebuild his sense of security and attachment, and now were just trying to get back on track. Right now everything is all over the place trying to figure out a good schedule for him as he seems to be done with his nap (doesnt fall asleep for nap easily - it was taking an hour, and now he wont nap at all). Even putting him down early for bedtime backfires because it takes him forever to fall asleep. The past few nights, hell go down around 745, have a 2-3 night wakings where we have to settle him (last night I just spoke to him through the monitor for a couple of them), but then hes up at 5:30. Seems OT but since he wont nap and takes forever to fall asleep, not sure what else to do. Going to try 6:30 bedtime tonight and see if it helps. What else can I do?

He had a clock that turns green when hes allowed to get up, but he started ignoring it around the same time this all happened. Hes a master climber and has climbed out of his crib and over the baby gate at his door easily. So basically, the problems are getting him to sleep without us, not needing us in the night, staying in his crib, and obeying his light. Baby whisperer was a huge help with my older one 6 years ago so thought Id turn back to all you lovely ladies for help once again. Thank you!