Author Topic: 11 week old wonít settle without pacifier/dummy  (Read 2439 times)

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11 week old wonít settle without pacifier/dummy
« on: May 27, 2021, 10:35:15 am »
Hi, I have an 11 week baby girl who has become totally reliant on the dummy. Weíve been trying for 5 days to wean her off at night soothing with PU/PD and shh/pat but itís taking over an hour every night to get her to sleep without and even then sheís waking after 10-20 minutes crying. Weíre exhausted so we end up giving her the dummy to get her to sleep. We have two other boys under the age of 5 and itís just gotten too much.

She hasnít used it for any naps since Sunday (itís now Thursday evening), however we have been letting her nap in the swing (on speed 1 or 2, the lowest settings). I know the swing is another prop but I used it for my second son and weaned him easily by slowly lowering the speed over a number of weeks until he was sleeping without motion so I figured this was an okay solution. I obviously donít want to use this at night because itís not safe.

I thought completely eliminating the dummy during the day would help the night but so far it has no effect at all. Maybe sheís too young to learn any other soothing techniques? I feel like Iím trapped in an endless dummy hell as were popping it back in sometimes hourly at night. Iím desperate for any other solutions or reassurance there is light at the end of the tunnel

Her days are typically like this:

7-8am wake up and breastfeed
9am - 12pm nap in swing
12pm breastfeed
1:15-3:15ish nap in swing
3:30 breastfeed
4:30 sometimes will take a 30 min nap in swing or if sheís not napping and just fussing we will wear her
6pm bath every 2nd day, then breastfeed
7-8pm bedtime
Up at around 1am and 4am for milk
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