Author Topic: HELP with Early WU, A times 5 mo old  (Read 4637 times)

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HELP with Early WU, A times 5 mo old
« on: May 11, 2021, 15:57:40 pm »
Help!  My 5.5 month old is waking up around 5:30 every morning.  She's quiet for quite a while (like 30 mins, so sometimes I don't know the exact wake time), which makes it difficult for me to try to figure out when to put her down for a nap.  She was having a good 2 hr 15 min wake time but today & yesterday the first nap was only an hour! 

Example of routine:  One day last week -
5:30 awake
7:45-11 S
1:25-2:30 S
4:55-5:30 S
8:30 S
Since she was waking so early the first nap was pretty long.  I try to have her in bed by 8, but trying for earlier. 

Yesterday it was awful-
6:00ish? awake, could have been closer to 5:30?
7:45-9:00 S
11:40-12:35 S in car bc I was desperate!
2:50-3:30ish? nap
4:15-5:00 S in carrier on walk
8:00 S                                                       

Please help!  I'm desperate.