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Thank you for your replies! Over the past month I have tried everything I can think of  :(
He is now 17 weeks old. Some nights he will sleep for consistent 2 hour chunks at a time and I can only seem to resettle him by nursing ó- should I try pupd for a length of time?

But some nights (usually about 2-3x/week) he still wakes every hour or so... like a previous reply said, that isnít a sleep cycle so Iím worried something is wrong but I canít figure out what. I donít think he has reflux and he really doesnít seem to be in pain to me, but I could be wrong. Weíve adjusted temperature and keep a thermostat right at his bed to keep it 68 degrees. We have white noise on. 

My EASY is a mess because he will only sleep for one cycle during the day (42 mins) no matter what I seem to do. Eating wise, he seems ready for 4 hour EASY.

He now settles very easily at nap times and at bedtime (7:30pm). He just canít link sleep cycles.


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