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Newborn sleeping all night and not sleeping in the day! Please help!


Hi all,

Thanks in advance for reading. My 19 day old has been on Easy for a few days but its not really working out due to her crazy sleep schedule. For the past 5 days she is sleeping for 2 x 4-6 hour stretches at night (9:30-3:30am and 4am-8am).

This is great, however she will not nap in the day for more than 5 minutes. We feed her when she wakes, change her to wake her up if shes fallen asleep and keep her up until the first signs of tiredness and then we wind her down and put her in her cot. At this point, she will fall asleep quite happily but is awake within 5 minutes. Sometimes shes crying so well try the shush pat but this takes a long time to work as she can appear quite angry and even if it does put her to sleep eventually, shes awake again in 5 minutes.

This cycle continues, sometimes with her waking and not even crying, just looking around for 10 mins until she gets overtired and then cries again. This is how it goes until her next feed and repeat until 9pm.

Shes having 3-4 oz for her feeds, every 2.5-3 hours.

Are her long sleep at night interfering with her daytime naps? Any advice at all appreciated


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