Author Topic: Night Wakings/ Early Wakings in an 8 month old  (Read 12267 times)

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Night Wakings/ Early Wakings in an 8 month old
« on: November 03, 2021, 10:06:19 am »
Hello all! It's my first time here. I read BW during my pregnancy and have referred back to it many times for help.
We have always tried to stick to the EASY routine and had hiccups when we strayed. We overused a paci and it became a strong prop for my little girl.
At 6 month we moved her into her own room and we realized how bad it had gotten because we actually had to get out of bed to put it back in.
At 7 and a half months I took away the paci cold turkey. She is now 8 and a half month and still exhibits signs of wanting to suck or not being satisfied with sucking on her fingers or tongue when going down for naps and resettling after waking.

When we first cut the paci I turned into a human paci and she started waking more frequently and only wanting to nurse to go back down.
I cut night feedings two weeks ago after reading another post on this site. I tried PUPD but she just screams more and I have to rock her hip in her crib. She settles down a bit and then cries and sits up within 10 minutes. This would go on for an hour or more some nights.

 The last couple of nights I have caved and fed her because I thought she might really need to eat. But she still has a very hard time staying down. She settles in her crib and then within ten minutes starts crying. This will be anywhere between 4 and 5 am. Past that I just know she won't go back down and don't bother.

Since cutting the paci and trying PUPD she has shortened her 45 minute naps to around 30 minutes and it's cause a wreck of a time during the day. I try to resettle for naps but the same thing happens. She calms down for a minute or two and then stirs and cries.

She started solids at 6 months. She still just snacks, tastes, and plays. She started crawling over a week ago. She can pull herself up on her crib. She is very attached to me throughout the day. My husband works from home and I take care of her full time so she is always around her parents.

She is normally able to stay awake for 3 hours but has gone up to 5 when we are around other kids her age and in a new place.

Our EASY routine looks like this give or take a half hour.

5:30 wake up and nurse
8:30- nap (sometimes I will try to resettle and put her back down but this hasn't ever worked)
9ish wake up and nurse
12 nap
12:45  nurse
3 nap
3:30 wake up and nurse
6:30 nurse
6:45 bedtime routine and down for the night

Or if  she naps longer its been like this in the past:

6am wake up and nurse
9am nap
9:45 wake up and nurse
1:30 nap
2:30 wake up and nurse
6:30 nurse
 6:45 bed time routine and down for the night.

Thank you for the help!