Author Topic: Not enough hours in the day - how much to cap naps? 6mo  (Read 10512 times)

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Not enough hours in the day - how much to cap naps? 6mo
« on: November 08, 2022, 11:49:40 am »
Hi all

My 6mo has recently started napping well after months of catnaps, I owe it to the diagnosis of a cows milk allergy so were both dairy free and hes much happier and settled. But now were at 3 regular naps, but not quite ready for 2 yet and the day isnt long enough!

His current routine is
WU 7 (give or take 15-30 mins)
WT 2.5hr
Nap 1 9.30-11.30 (2hr)

WT 2.5hr
Nap 2 14.00-15.00 (1hr) - usually capped by me, so we can collect big brother from school and leave enough time for Nap 3

WT 2.25hr
Nap 3 5.15-5.45/6 (usually wakes himself crying)

WT 2-2.2.5hr
Bedtime 8ish (hard to settle most days)

(NW 3-4 night feeds but recently more unsettled from 5/6am onwards)

Ive just started extending WT this week from 2.25 hour to 2.5hr bc naps were starting to shorten again. But now - were running out of hours in the day. Its hard to settle him for Nap 3 so theres lots of cuddling, rocking, etc to get him to settle.

Going forward - will I need to cap the naps further as I extend WT more? If so, which naps to cap and how much? Should I be continuing to extend WT or leave as it is for now until naps start to shorten?