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Weaning from 6 to 9 months Hints/Suggestions
« on: April 06, 2006, 08:23:24 am »
Weaning from 6 to 9 months

•   Your baby still needs at least 500-600nl of follow-on, infant or breast milk each day
•   Start combining purées for your baby to try tasty meals -  still no added salt or sugar
•   Start to encourage your baby to drink from a beaker or cup
•   Start to introduce raw soft fruit and vegetables such as melon and tomatoes. Hard fruit and vegetables such as apples and carrots still
        need to be cooked
•   Purées can become co!@!@r, so try mashing or finely chopping
•   Do not give raw or lightly cooked eggs to babies
        and toddlers
•   Always supervise your baby when eating in case of choking

•   Fruit - citrus fruits, sieved berry fruits, mango, chopped grapes, cantaloupe melon, avocado
•   Vegetables -  broccoli, carrots, cabbage, sweet-com, green beans, potatoes or sweet potatoes
•   Fish - soft, white fish such as plaice or cod with all bones and skin removed
•   Meat - minced lean beef, lamb, liver, pork, chicken and turkey
•   Pulses - lentils, split peas, beans
•   Pasta - cooked soft and mixed with vegetables and meat
•   Eggs — hard boiled, scrambled or omelette (well cooked)
•   Cereals —Weetabix, Ready¬Brek, porridge, rice cakes, small amounts of fine grain wholemeal breads, rusks

I know that in different areas and parts of the world, certain foods listed above are not introduced until later, this is a guide and only feed what you feel comfortable with.

Also keep in mind that formula intake guidelines vary quite a bit, depending on where you live and what source you use. Also, citrus fruits, berries, and egg whites are common allergens. If you have allergies in your family, it's generally advised to wait until after 1 yr to introduce these foods.
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