Author Topic: What do sleepy cues look like??  (Read 3194 times)

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What do sleepy cues look like??
« on: July 24, 2005, 21:03:33 pm »
How can I read my daughters sleepy signs better?

I have a 7 wk. old on 3 hr. EASY.  I have read Tracy's latest book only, which doesn't say as much about reading your baby's sleep cues as the earlier book, from what I've heard.
Right now I wait for my baby to start to yawn and once she has a few times I swaddle her and start to try to put her to sleep.  I'm not sure if I'm catching her during the sleep 'window' all the time because it can be very difficult to get her to sleep sometimes.  Once she's overtired of course there's a lot of struggle and crying.

I have not started to teach her to sleep on her own yet.  Right now we do whatever works, which changes from nap to nap.  Pretty inconsistant.  We are moving in just a few days and I decided it would be easier to teach her once we're in our new home, especially since my husband will be home for 2 wks. before beginning his new job.  I'm nervous about it because I've heard such an array of sob and success stories. 

I'm going to try shh/pat.  Any advice?  How can I make this as smooth a process as possible?

Thanks!  Any help is greatly appreciated!

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What do sleepy cues look like??
« Reply #1 on: July 24, 2005, 22:28:12 pm »
My baby also scratches her at her face/eyes.  She also sighs...that's the big one for us.  Her earliest sign is her sigh and I know it's time and she will usually go down right away for me and happy rolling in her crib awake, 5 min later asleep.  When she was about 2 months I didn't know this and she would make this high pitched sound...not so much a cry but was totally different than other sounds.  After that it would turn into fussing/crying and I knew I had missed the window.  I don't know about other mom's but I also use the 3 distraction rule- if I change her toy, location, activity three times and she is still fussing/crying I know she needs a nap. :D
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What do sleepy cues look like??
« Reply #2 on: July 24, 2005, 22:58:03 pm »
i usually "time" my DS.

i know he can only stay awake 2.5 hour before his first nap, so i start wind-down half an hour or so before. i usually sit with him quietly, he chews his toys, when he start to scratch his face > sign >yell > yawn, then i put him to bed. he will then fall asleep quickly without complain.
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What do sleepy cues look like??
« Reply #3 on: July 25, 2005, 15:47:12 pm »
my ds is 14 wks old and he stares off into space, lifts up his hands and stares at them, or starts babbling. when he was 7 weeks old, he would stare off into space (although i mistook this for him being alert!) since birth, by the time he's yawned, he was already overtired. his tired cues were just something i had to learn over time.

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What do sleepy cues look like??
« Reply #4 on: July 27, 2005, 12:26:31 pm »
DD is 15 weeks, and is usually quite consistent from a timing perspective - I know that if she has had a good nap previously, she can stay awake around one and 3/4 hours. She also tends to stare into space and start sucking on her hands. The yawn is the easiest one, however!

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What do sleepy cues look like??
« Reply #5 on: July 27, 2005, 15:40:21 pm »
Look for some of these signs to start:

Decreased activity
slower motions
less vocal
sucking is weaker or slower
appears disinterested in toys/surroundings
eyes are less focused (i.e. looks around room)
eyelids are drooping

When they are edging on overtired, they may:
rub eyes
become irratable

Mine does several combinations of all. If she's rubbing her eyes and becoming irritable, she's really close to being overtired, and I may have missed the window. She does start looking aimlessly around the room, yawn, and beome a bit calmer. She also buries her head into my chest when I hold her (probably to block out light or other stimuli). If she's on the floor on her tummy playing, she will suddenly put her head down on the floor and start looking for her thumb. When I put her in bed, there is usually a little fussing, sometimes a little bit of crying, but it usually ends within 10 or 15 minutes, and then she's out. Occasionally I manage to get her down at exactly the right time, and she falls right to sleep, but that happens less than I'd like. She's a self soother, and does know how to fall asleep on her own, but sometimes she needs help.

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