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what is the right time to cease pat/shush


I am trying to pat and shush my 9wk old baby.  I feel as though I am patting and shushing her to sleep.  It takes 15mins usually.  Do I stop at the quiet stage, or when she is staring or yawning or blinking, or when her eyes are shut.  I don't want her to rely on me to pat and shush cf. self soothing  Thanks for your advice.

Do you do most of your shh/patting in the crib? If you do, I would slow it down and as she is staring off into space, just leave your hand on her firmly. When her eyes start closing take the hand away. If she starts fidgeting, put your hand back and if necessary do shh/pat again - in the crib as much as possible - and repeat.

You basically wean them off it gently.

Hope this helps  :)

Since the goal is to not become a prop and put her to sleep, I would stop once she is settled and her eyes are getting heavy - DH and I call this "sticky lids" cause it is like they get sticky and hard to open.   The goal is to teach her that you help her to calm down but she has to close her eyes on her own and relax into sleep.


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