Author Topic: It's me again. (progress or lack thereof)  (Read 1520 times)

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It's me again. (progress or lack thereof)
« on: August 03, 2005, 16:26:37 pm »
Yesterday wasn't a good day.  DS got 2 hours worth of naps, which took me 3 hours to put him down for.  Of course, DH got him to bed for night in 5 minutes.  He woke up 9 times before morning, which isn't as bad as it sounds.  It only took seconds if not minutes to get him back to sleep.  He was so sleepy like I wish he would get before naptime/bedtime instead of being wired.  I fed him at 10:30, because I was thinking of doing a dreamfeed anyway.  I also fed him at 6:15, because I thought he was up for the day, but he slept for another 45 minutes.  I assume the lack of sleep is what made for a restless night, although he is also teething.

So, he was awake at 7:00 this morning and at 8:45 I start winding him down for a nap.  I sat in my glider and read 3 short stories to him without letting him touch the pages and I sang 2 lullabies to him.  He wasn't acting sleepy, but at least he wasn't chattering away.  I then swaddled him, which he thinks is a game and starts laughing.  I brought him into the bathroom and put a towel under the door to block out any light and held him there for several minutes with little effect and then put him into bed where he starts fighting.  I reswaddled him 3 times and brought him into the bathroom each time.  Each time he had less fight in him and eventually fell asleep with his arms above his head as they had escaped.  It is now 9:15, which is doing good.  In the next 20 minutes he awoke 4 times.  The first two times I patted or laid my hand on his chest and he fell back asleep in seconds and the other 2 times he fell back asleep on his own.  But after 20 minutes he was wide awake.  I patted him and said reassuring words, but he kept rolling around and grabbing my hands etc.  I picked him up to reswaddle him and I could feel he was having a bowel movement, so I stopped and changed him and didn't bother putting him back to bed.

Questions:  How do I pat him if he keeps grabbing my hands, reaching for the rails (with both hands and feet), and rolling around at the same time?  Or should I take him out and sit with him again if that is what he is doing?

Should I put him back down for a nap again as he obviously is still tired?  Or wait and have him up for awhile?  Or can I go for the walk I planned and let him sleep in the stroller if he wants?

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It's me again. (progress or lack thereof)
« Reply #1 on: August 03, 2005, 19:33:57 pm »
I posted some thoughts on tweaking his routine under your other post...
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