Author Topic: 19 mnth old getting frustrated at mealtimes!!  (Read 4483 times)

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19 mnth old getting frustrated at mealtimes!!
« on: August 18, 2005, 06:39:32 am »
My 19 month old son is used to me or my husband feeding him at mealtimes!! He copes really well with feeding himself with finger foods!

recently my hubby and I have been trying to teach him how to feed himself...but he is so hungary at mealtimes he gets frustrated with himself and will get upset and angry if we encourage him to feed himself!

It's like he knows he will get the food quicker inside his tummy if  mummy or daddy feed he doesn't like to do it himself!!

If he can't get us to feed him,then he goes of into the kitchen and tries to raid the biscuit cupboard...then throws a tantrum when i pull him away!!


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19 mnth old getting frustrated at mealtimes!!
« Reply #1 on: August 18, 2005, 14:34:29 pm »
I'd say keep offering the spoon or fork, but help him along.
If he's getting frustrated, it's not going to make him want to learn to do it himself.

Also, maybe you could try a small snack before the meal, so he wouldn't be so hungy, and maybe he'd have more patience?

Eventually they all want to be "big boys or girls" and will pick it up.
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