Author Topic: 13mths old and still waking, am desperate and not coping....  (Read 1081 times)

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13mths old and still waking, am desperate and not coping....
« on: August 08, 2005, 11:36:26 am »
Hi all

My lo is 13 months in a week and still waking in the night.  We have had 2.5 weeks of sleeping through in her life and then she learnt to sit up and started waking again.

Her schedule when at home is:

7am up and bf
8am breakfast
9am nap (1.5 hours)
10.30am snack (banana etc.)
12pm lunch
1pm nap (1.5 hours)
2.30pm snack
5pm dinner
6pm story
6.15pm bath
6.30pm bf
asleep by 7pm

and she is like clockwork each day mostly unless her teeth are bothering her, then I will maybe take her out in the pushchair in the afternoon for a nap.

However, she has just started nursery 3 days a week and is only having one 45 min sleep there.  They are trying to get her to sleep but she won't (different environment etc..)

I would like to say it is the nursery that has caused the bad nights but the nights were never good before this....

She will go down at 7pm no trouble, it is usually about 3/4am that the problems start, but can also be about midnight....she will wake up and cry.  I will lie there and listen to her for about 5 mins to see if she will resettle as I don't want to rush in...but it generally escalates.  So I go in and she is inevitably sitting up, so I lie her down say 'night night, time for sleep' and leave. 

At this point she will SCREAM, it is a really angry cry - it she could stamp her foot she would.  I count to 50 then go back in and repeat the lie down if sitting, if not just gently put my hand on her chest (which she will bat away), give her teddy and her blankie and leave again.  this can go on for 20 mins before she drops off....and then she will wake every 30 mins to an hour and I repeat this until 7am when I get her up.

I have been consistently doing this lie down routine for 9 days now, hev not fed her or picked her up and she has slept through until 6am once.  I am zombie-like.  I am starting my own business and being up from 3/4am every morning is not helping - neither is the husband.

I am giving this 2 weeks (til next weekend) then I may have to resort to cc.  I really don't want to do cc as I feel that she is maybe crying in the middle of the night due to separation anxiety - what do you think?  Why is she doing this?  Is there anything else I could try?  She is a very big baby (26lbs, 81cm) so pu/pd not an option - also if I do pick her up she flips about so much I have almost dropped her before and gets really really cross.

She is an absolute angel during the day, everyone comments on how well behaved she is, she goes down for naps like a dream (at home) and only cries if it is a teething time.  Her evil twin only rears her head at night!

Help greatly greatly appreciated, am desperate as have been awake every night for a year now......can't go on with this! 

Thanks Kaeli xx
Kaeli, mummy to Georgia born 21/07/2004

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13mths old and still waking, am desperate and not coping....
« Reply #1 on: August 08, 2005, 13:40:58 pm »
Firstly sending big hugs
Your lo sounds just like my DD same age ish ( Mines 12 months)
I was having mega night waking problems and in the better weather early wakings as well
Ive got a couple of suggestions
Maybe try putting her to bed a little bit later like 7.30-8ish and reducing the length of the afternoon nap???????? these have worked for me
hope that might help