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Wont eat enough
« on: August 20, 2005, 19:12:49 pm »
Hi there my DD is 1 years old and was always a great eater
Since shes been able to feed herself bits and pieces she wont eat the food i make from her from a spoon she just wants to feed herself finger food but im not sure if shes getting enough goodness from that.
I usually give her a sausage to eat while i try to shovel in some food inbetween mouthfuls
If i give her a spoon she just splats me with food  :roll: and it ends up every where but in her mouth
What finger foods could i give her at this age and how can i make sure she gets enough food/ calories
( ie the finger food half goes in her mouth half on the floor, up the wall etc etc :? )
Hope someone can help

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Wont eat enough
« Reply #1 on: August 20, 2005, 19:32:02 pm »
My lo is similar in that he is reluctant to let me feed him from a spoon. I tend to try spreading or squashing his food onto a rice cake and each time he takes it out of his mouth quickley squish a bit more on! I know what you are saying about the mess when they use a spoon. I let him have it, but hang onto it firmly and try to guide it into his mouth. Tofu is a good finger food, for protien and calories. Also mixing rapeseed/flaxseed oil with food/pasta/ whatever increases the calories and provides the essential omega oils.
Hope this helps a bit!
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