Author Topic: please help me come up with a plan  (Read 734 times)

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please help me come up with a plan
« on: September 07, 2005, 19:33:32 pm »
hi everyone,

ds is 5mo and we've been doing easy since he was 1mo. by the time he was 7-8wks old he slept 8pm-7am with one feed at 4am, no DF.


lately he's learned to roll tummy to back. he's a tummy sleeper so he'll cry out for my help. for a while he woke hourly  :shock:  b/c of that i wasn't sure when to feed him - so sometimes i fed him at 11pm when he woke, sometimes 2am, sometimes 3 or 4. i was just so tired, some nights i don't remember taking him out of his crib.

so now he sleeps better, but wakes up only at 11, 2, and 4.  :(  it's all my fault! i don't know which time to feed him now. also b/c he's on a 4hr easy, no DF, exlusively BF, and i'm overtired and not eating a lot during the day, sometimes i feed him twice not knowing if it's hunger.

what should i do? pu/pd for 2 of those wakings? how do you do pu/pd with a tummy sleeper? is it too late to start DF? ds is 5mo. oh yeah i said that.  :roll:

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please help me come up with a plan
« Reply #1 on: September 08, 2005, 20:43:55 pm »
Can dh attempt to resettle?  If he's used to you feeding him when he wakes up, it may be easier if he never sees you.
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please help me come up with a plan
« Reply #2 on: September 11, 2005, 07:23:02 am »
Firstly it is not your fault... you are just learning to be a mother & it is hard work, esp when you are tired
Are you putting your lo down awake & can he fall asleep on his own? If not that might be part of the problem.

Next look after yourself, it is important to all mothers, but more so to BF ones... after all day feeds, burp your lo, put him on the floor on a mat & make your self a healthy meal - sandwich, toast, fruit etc and have a big drink of water before & after each feed. If you don't look after yourself, what message are you giving to your lo!!!
Also don't worry too much if you are feeding a couple of times at night because you are tired, often it is quicker to do so for at least some of the feeds esp if they are at regular times (habit waking).  Start by feeding for the 11pm & the 4am & work on the 2am as a non hungry waking...can you settle him by just patting his back? Otherwise try pu/pd... I'm not sure how you do it for a tummy sleeper, I think there was a post on the pu/pd board recently where one mother gave her way of doing it.

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