Author Topic: can't get dream feed to work  (Read 3503 times)

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can't get dream feed to work
« Reply #15 on: October 18, 2005, 08:49:57 am »
Yes it is the 3am feed, Do you think it's to early I have been counting how many oz he drinks, from 25-28oz a day. This morning he woke at 2.30 for his feed. I am trying to get him ready for the clocks going back so I have started putting him to bed at 8 and slowly adjusting his daily routine because he used to wake around 6 and I couldn't bear the thought of starting the day at 5am :shock: So I thought I would push everything back an hour slowly so that when the time changes he will be going to bed at 7ish and waking at 6ish.  Do you think I should let things settle and look at his routine again in a couple of weeks?

Last night I put him to bed at 8ish dream fed at 12ish (in preperation for the time change, usually 11pm) He drank 4oz but then woke at 2.30 and drank another 4 oz :?  the night before he woke at 4 why has it suddenly changed? He then woke again at 6 but after an hour settled and slept till 8 when he drank another 4oz (I always offer him 6oz he just seems to leave 2oz)

Iwas suprised he could go so long without eating he's never done this before. Do you think he is ready for the change?

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can't get dream feed to work
« Reply #16 on: October 28, 2005, 09:58:14 am »
To change the subject slightly...I am solely breastfeeding and I'm having problems getting my wee boy to take enough at his dream feed.  He will only suckle for 3-4 minutes and then stops and lies with my nipple in his mouth or will come off my nipple, clamp his mouth shut and refuse to latch on again.

He is only 9 weeks old but for the last couple of weeks was sleeping for a 8-9 hour block at night (so I know he can do it).  However, he has only been on EASY for four days now...when sleeping through he was having a last feed at 10:30 just before bed.  We've managed to break this habit of feed then bed (in two nights!) and he has been going to bed at about 21:30 - but he is now waking at 5am wanting food.  If I could get him to take more for a dream feed at 11pm I think he would go for another couple of hours.

Any tips on how to extend his dream feed?