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Gassy Sleep
« on: September 18, 2005, 17:27:54 pm »
I have a new wonderful six week old. I have just started the EASY routine which I think is starting to work (its only been three days). I have one problem. When I put him down for his naps alot of the time he is only sleeping for 30-40 min because he gets woken up with a gassy belly. It is hard to put him back down without pulling him out and rocking him back to sleep. Do I just leave him to sort it out or is there a certain length of time I should leave him to try to sort it out or does anyone have any suggestions? So far he has mostly been rocked to sleep (I know - bad mummy - but its my first time). Since starting the EASY he has gone down for most of his naps awake and settles nicely. Its just these gassy sleeps which happen very frequently. Luckily they seem to be happening in the day now. :)  :) Any help would be greatly appreciated for as I said this is my first time and sometimes I'm just not sure I'm doing it right.

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Gassy Sleep
« Reply #1 on: September 18, 2005, 22:14:06 pm »
Hi, my son is now 6 mo and has always had trouble with gas.  If he wakes up at night or a nap with gas pain, I have always picked him up and tried to help (at nap it is usually a burp, at night usually the other end).  Thanks to Tracy's methods he can put himself to sleep.  I don't find that picking him up when he wakes due to gas pain has hurt his ability to go to sleep.  If I pick him up and he burps, he typically falls back asleep immediately.  The gas has improved over time and I figure eventually he will be able to deal with it fully himself.  I hope it is soon because he is now very heavy.

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