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What is going on?
« on: October 11, 2005, 14:47:25 pm »
Okay when Jency was a new born we used to give him his bath at 8:00pm and then feed him at 8:30 and then he would be down by 9/9:30.  He started sleeping better and better.  Then we moved his bed time up to 8/8:30.  He started sleeping worse.  Then it got to where he was up every 1-3 hours depending on the night.  Also his naps have never been really good but they have been 30min long unless in the swing.  This is what happened this weekend with our trip.

Went to bed at 9:00     

Nursed at 2:30             
Nursed at 6:30           
Up 7:45                     
30 min nap                 
1 hour nap in swing     
In Car Now                 
4- 30 min naps           
Bed 10:00                   

Nursed 2:30
Nursed 5:30
Woke at 7:30 crying eyes still closed
Nursed 8:00
2- 2 hour naps in swing
1- 30 min nap in crib
Bed 8:15
Nursed 10:30

Nursed 1:30                         
Nursed 4:00                                                     
Nursed 6:30                         
Up 7:30 crying eyes closed                 
1- 1 hour nap in swing                       
3- 40 min naps in car             
Bed 10:00                           
Woke up 10:30 crying -held and stopped                 
-went back to sleep             

Nursed 2:45                           
Nursed 6:45
Woke @ 8 crying eyes closed 
1.5 hour nap in crib
1.75 hour nap in crib
2 hour nap in crib                 
Bed 8:20                               
Woke up screaming at 10:00-gave paci and calmed             
Nursed 11:00

fussed at 1:30-gave paci
Nursed 2:00
fussed 3:30
-gave paci
Nursed 4:00
Fussed 6:30-gave paci
Nursed 7:15 and Up

I only nurse if he starts fussing...i don't get him up to nurse, i let him decide but if it's been 3 hours and he starts fussing i will nurse him.

What made Monday such a good day?
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What is going on?
« Reply #1 on: October 12, 2005, 00:32:20 am »
He was used to the routine by Monday.

Kaitie is about the same age as Jency. She recently went through a growth-spurt. Has he had his yet?