Author Topic: If this normal?? I'm scared that it's a one off!!!  (Read 664 times)

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If this normal?? I'm scared that it's a one off!!!
« on: October 13, 2005, 08:17:58 am »

My 13 week old daughter has slowly improved her sleeping habits in recent weeks up to the point that last night she slep from 8.15pm to 7.15am!!!!

Her previous best had been from 9pm to 4am but generally has been 8pm to 2am and then 2.30am to 6.30am. At each waking she would be fed. She does however take approx' 30-35oz during the day (weighs 15lbs) so I guess has only "comfort" fed at night. I thought she was waking at 3am this morning so got the bottle ready but she drifted straight back to sleep!!!!

Does this mean that we are beginning to make good progress or was this a one off fluke?? I didn't expect Bethan to suddenly go all night without a feed but she has. Is this the norm??? She took 8/9 oz just after she woke up!!!!


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If this normal?? I'm scared that it's a one off!!!
« Reply #1 on: October 13, 2005, 22:11:18 pm »
It is probably more likely to be a one off, than a new trend. If she goes 8hours at 13 weeks you are doing fantasticly well. So enjoy those times she does do it & don't deny food on the times she wakes up.
But as you know she is capable of it, give her a chance to resettle if she just whinges. She may also go through a growth spurt & need more, so trust your instinct.
My philosophy is if my ds#2 (4.5mo) wakes at night he gets fed if it is more than 4 hours since he last fed. I bf & I never deny food, he mostly goes 8-10 hours but on the odd night he doesn't I feed, as I feed if he wakes he needs it.
If the wakeups become exactly the same time, then it may not be hunger & that is the time to look at other re-settling.
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