Author Topic: Baby's suck not efficient b/c of early bottle supplement  (Read 671 times)

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Baby's suck not efficient b/c of early bottle supplement
« on: October 23, 2005, 17:44:12 pm »
Help!   :cry: My 5 1/2 week old daughter is not able to breastfeed efficiently or empty my breasts because I had a very traumatic emergency cesarean section and it took six days to get my milk in.  We did supplemental nursing system for three days while I latched and then pumped like mad, but I caved and started to give her supplements in Advent bottles because the SNS system was so difficult for us to use. She is very eager to latch on my breast and is happy when I get my initial let down, however when my letdown slows, her latch is more of a bottle nipple suck and she isn't able to get enough milk to satisfy her needs. She ends up getting frustrated and starts to scream but she's hungry and just wants the milk to flow faster. Then I have to give her a bottle and she gulps down two to three ounces and then she's satisfied. I have more than enough milk, am engorged constantly and can pump four ounces iin twenty minutes. I've been pumping during her naps and then when she gets frustrated at the breast, giving her the remaining expressed milk but it's a terribly inconvenient system, I just can't keep up and having to make a few formula bottles because I can't get bottles pumped fast enough.  I'm so crushed that I can't just breastfeed regularly and I 'm frustrated. Does anyone have any ideas how I can get back to regular breastfeeding or how I can teach her to latch onto to breast and breastfeed effectively ? I'm desperate and I feel like I'm doing everything I can but I feel like my entire day is spent trying to feed her and I hate to see her frustrated. Help !! :x
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Baby's suck not efficient b/c of early bottle supplement
« Reply #1 on: October 23, 2005, 18:41:58 pm »

I used to mix bottle and breast feeds too and it does get confusing, but my lo is 10 months old now and only just stopping feeding coz I'm back at work!

My lactation cosultant advised me to give 2 definate bottles in the day instead of topping him up after a breast feed as he'd get used to that and wait for the bottle as it's easier!. I used to give a bottle at the second feed of the day and the dreamfeed at 10.30 but I would pump after he'd had the bottle to keep my supply up. I used to mix the breast and formula milk but I know some advise against this (my son was always fine!). It helps you to relax a bit aswell as I always used to doubt my supply so at least I knew he was getting 2 good feeds and eventually I got back to just breastfeeding and no bottles.

Hope this helps, but just stick with it, it does get easier!