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Touchy/Spirited Activities?
« on: October 14, 2005, 02:01:13 am »
I have a 3 month old touchy/spirited DS. He has trouble settling for sleep and during the day will suddenly go from happy to upset, tired, overstimulated. I am think I am just stimulating him to much at activity time. Anyone else?

I just would like to know I guess what activities are some activities that other do that might work for my LO. I just worry that he won't me stimulated enough. He really doesn't like back or tummy time and I don't get him to enjoy it that often. He really likes me to help him stand so he can dance and "walk". That always gets a smile and laugh but all the sudden becomes too much.  I want him to enjoy his activity time without stress.

Any suggestions?

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Touchy/Spirited Activities?
« Reply #1 on: October 14, 2005, 02:09:00 am »
what you are doing is great - follow his cues on activities too - so if he likes to "walk" but only for a little while, then follow that lead (if it is maximum of 5 minutes, etc then you know when to cut it short before he gets upset).

when olivia was that age and got overtired and overstimulated so easily i let her sit and look at the trees blowing outside, gave her stuffed (non-noisy) toys to handle (texture, biting them, cooing, etc - good quiet interaction), she loved to sit on my lap while i sang nursery rhymes or she watched her sister (always loved to watch people and the shadows on the wall....)

i was advised by a nurse here that she was not missing anything by doing this - at that age the most important things are still food, sleep and love.  parents of older generations never had the time to worry about "development" and "milestones" and all their kids got there in the end.

for tummy time i do think this is importamt (and thankfully Olivia liked it) - if it is not a favourite of your lo - do it in small blocks of time (start with 1-2 minutes) and build up from there aiming to get to more than 5-10 min per session several times a day over the next month.  it is important for them to get that time because with babies now sleeping on their back they do not get the extra practice for holding head up, strengthening upper body, etc
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Touchy/Spirited Activities?
« Reply #2 on: October 14, 2005, 02:21:45 am »

3 - 6 months has been very challenging for me as my 'spirited' ds Harrison wanted to do and watch so much but couldn't cope with all the stimulation so it does sound like your lo is very similar. He is now able to stay awake a little longer as you will find as you lo grows.

Debs activities are great, I too would let H sit and watch the leaves blowing or the dog wandering around the garden (if you have one). I avoided anything with lights, music and the hanging gym thing.

We do lots of quiet sitting looking at soft books and just talking. I have a really big wind down before sleep and often walk around the house or garden with him outwards in his pouch before sitting in his nursery in the 'sleepy' chair. What a ritual, but made all the differance (when I finally worked it out).

H has hated 'tummy time' from the moment he was born, I only did 1 - 2 mins at the beginning. Found a good way to do it was holding him on his belly in the bath, over a big gym ball or on my chest. He still screams when he is not able to roll back from his tum but thank goodness that is improving.

I hope all my ramblings help, it is so hard with these temperaments. I am no expert on touchy as H is all 'spirited' but maybe some of these things will work for you.


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Touchy/Spirited Activities?
« Reply #3 on: October 29, 2005, 18:24:29 pm »
the PP's gave great advice. when micah was under 4 months it was really hard to do activity time with him, but like the others, micah LOVED walks. nature. no electronic stuff, lights, music, just the trees. oh and his bear mobile  :D

he also hated tummy time but i propped a boppy pillow under him and set up a mirror right in front, so that helped out a lot.
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Touchy/Spirited Activities?
« Reply #4 on: November 01, 2005, 00:35:50 am »
Oh it's so nice to see another mommy of a Touchy/Spirited baby!

Please PM me I would love to chat about things.

Does he sleep good?  How are his naps?

We are struggling with those right now.
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