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Fundamental to Tracy's method of teaching sleep is her Pick Up/Put Down method.  While PU/PD will often involve some crying, it is very different than controlled crying or cry it out (PU/PD Survival Strategies ~ How NOT to give up) and used properly, will not become a prop for your baby (Why are Shush Pat and PU/PD not props? ).  The links below can give you a good idea of what it is, when to use it, how to get started, age adaptations, and how to continue teaching your baby independent sleep.

Getting Started

First off, we don't use PU/PD with babies under 4 months because it is too stimulating and can lead to a small baby burning too many calories.  At that age, we use shh/pat (Shush-pat - How to) as a tool to teaching independent sleep at this young age.  We can use shh/pat with babies older than 4 months of age, but at some point, switching to PU/PD will be a good course of action.  More information on that here: Can a baby be too old for sh-pat? and here: At what age is PU/PD appropriate?.  Even as a baby continues to move past the 4 month mark, PU/PD should not be used as your first attempt at sleep training, but rather after other methods at tweaking routines and extending naps have been exhausted (more information here: When do I use PU/PD? ). 

How Do I Pick Up/Put Down?
First, keep in mind that there are some times when PU/PD is not the right course of action (10 Reasons You Cannot Use Pu/Pd).  Before starting, know that PU/PD does not work the same with all aged babies.  Here is a great resource of age adaptations (How to PU/PD (inc age adaptations)) which will tell you how to approach PU/PD with babies of varying ages.  There are also some suggestions here (How long do I do PU/PD?) for how long you might want to try PU/PD with your baby.  And before starting, make sure that one of the "Dirty Dozen" isn't going to keep you from succeeding (The dirty dozen:  12 reasons PU/PD won't work). 

Help!  I'm Totally Discouraged!
If your baby is using a paci/dummy PU/PD might not be the best tool (PU/PD and Paci Use. Why they don't mix. ).  Nothing happens quickly, in her books Tracy recommends that you try for a full two weeks in order to see success (How long will it take for PU/PD success? ).  There are some survival strategies here (PU/PD Survival Strategies ~ How NOT to give up) that can help you to stay the course so you can see success!

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