Author Topic: 12 weeks old and only getting average 4 hours per night  (Read 656 times)

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12 weeks old and only getting average 4 hours per night
« on: November 02, 2005, 16:03:26 pm »

My lovely daughter constantly wakes up during the night...sometimes i can change her nappy and she goes back to sleep but only to wake half an hour or an hour later crying - i put the dummy in and she drops it 15 mins later and we start a cycle of dummy in dummy out.  I am exhausted and baffled as to why she wont sleep the whole night.  From 8 weeks she has fed 11pm latest and then 6-7am but always with this routine. 

She does tend to wake at different times a night so i thought it was hunger. last night i gave in an fed her at 3am in the hope it would shut her up until 7am but it ended up being the worst nights sleep ever.  shes just gone through a growth spurt and i tank her up every night.  5pm a breast, 7pm a breast and then 10.30 a bottle of expressed / formula to make it up (sometimes she only takes 4oz).  Surely she is getting enough milk during the day - shes putting loads of weight on so i don;t know what else to do.  (i don't swaddle - she could never tolerate it)...

i could go on for ages but wondered if anyone had a solution - i thought if they didn't feed all night then they would sleep through and am fed up with the poor sleep routine for all of us. 

its a good job i adore her!!!!

Love Lu

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12 weeks old and only getting average 4 hours per night
« Reply #1 on: November 03, 2005, 15:31:22 pm »
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but it sounds like the Dummy is the problem, sounds like she needs it as a prop. So I think it might be time to wean her from it... have a look at the props board on how people weaned their lo's if you are ready to do that
the other thing to look at if she is really unsettled after feeding is a food intolerance... keep a log of the food you eat & see if she is worse after you have certain foods & then you may have to eliminate that from your diet... foods like Dairy/peas can upset some babies
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