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Gassy baby?
« on: December 01, 2005, 18:00:29 pm »

I have started my 6month old lo on solids - he's had a few tsp baby rice for the past 5-6 days with no reaction. Today I tried him with a few tsp pureed carrots mixed with formula and it seemed to have made him a bit gassy, he's had 3 poos since (he normally has 1 a day) although they've been same consistency as usual. He also seems very uncomfortable and whingey. I guess I won't be giving him carrots tomorrow - but should I go back to baby rice only for a few days or try him with a different solid, maybe pear?

Thanks for any advice.


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Gassy baby?
« Reply #1 on: December 08, 2005, 03:55:00 am »
i'm definately not one to offer advice but i will tell you my experience.  when i first started dd on rice cereal all was well for the first couple weeks, and she had more bowel movements in the beginning.  then she started getting gassy and constipated, so i switched her to barley, but that seemed to make her gassy after a few days, so i tried oatmeal which worked well for a few weeks but then she seemed gassy or like she had tummy trouble in general...not sleeping at night at all for awhile there.  maybe the carrots didn't agree with your lo, i couldn't say for sure but i would go back to just rice and see if it is that or carrots.  in bw book it says to leave lo's on one food for up to 10 days...maybe the rice was just working through your lo's system and now it's affecting it?  i know it took longer than 10 for any signs of trouble to show in my dd's case...the veg's seem to be ok for her and pears too.  carrots, squash, sweet potatos and pears seem to be easiest on her tummy.  let me know how everything is going...
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