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introducing solids
« on: December 04, 2005, 22:03:20 pm »
Hi All, this is my first visit ti the site and i am hooked to say the least.
My d is 14wks 3 dys and a good solid 13lb10oz at 13wks. She has been watching ,chewing and grabbing for my food for about a month now so this week i have tried her on baby rice which she devoured in minutes, obviously this goes against all the guidlines but it does not seem to be doing any harm, bowel movements are the same but richer in colour, i think this is normal.Should i remain with the rice until the suggested 17wks or is it feesable to introduce veggies or fruits.
She had also been sleeping thru the night from 8 till 06.50 (yes that precise) but started to wake again at 2 or 3am and i have put that down to her being hungry. After doing this is it normal to feel guilty for not following government guidlines as the HV will not entertain the fact that solids have been introduced. Any comments will be greatly recieved and any tips would be even better.

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introducing solids
« Reply #1 on: December 06, 2005, 00:42:03 am »
My comment would be that it is not the problems now, but the ones later in life.

If you introduce solids too early (ie before 6months is considered early) then the risk of diabetes & gastrointinal disorders as well as food allergies & obesity can be increased (babies can't regulate their solid intake like they can milk).
The reason the risk of these problems is increased is the intestines aren't fully matured & the introduction of too many foreign things can cause damage.

I would hold off as long as you can, The Uk is one of the few places that still says it is ok for solids from 17 weeks... mostother countries have now adopted the World Health Organisations recommendation of from 6 months.
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