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allergy ? need advice please?
« on: December 28, 2005, 13:32:50 pm »
I'm sorry this is probably going to be a bit long. My ds had a lot of gas issues when we changed from breast to formula so the ped reccomended that we put him on lactose free milk which has made a difference even though the ped says he still has alot of gas in his tummy (but at least he is not uncomfrotable with it)

Now recently I tried him on farlies rusks and plasmon granules (the granules are glutan free). On the times that I tried him on the farlies when I fed him formula he was sqirming alot and also passing wind  (very similar symtoms to when I first tried him on formula few months back). Then one night I gave him the plasmon granules and the next day he had terrible gas and a bit loose stools.  He even had lightish rash on his belly.  I took him to our ped who told me not to worry and to leave it a while and try him again as what babies are intollerant to today they can easily grow out of so you should try again later :?

I think he has some intollerance towards wheat, any ideas?  My question is I would like to try him on different cereals but over here we only have ones mixed with fruit and milk for babies.  I don't want to give him those firstly because it has different milk (not LF) so it might cause gas, and secondly I would like to add my own fruit puree.  Can any one tell me any other types of cereals I can give him?  And is it trueI should try him again on farlies I just thought its a bit mean if I know it makes him uncomfortable. At the moment I give him rice cereal, fruit and veggies I would just like to try him on other foods that will fill him up. 

is oats ok? ie. readybreck.

some advice would be great first time mum living in a country where I can't read labels everything is in italian :roll: . I used to read everything insideout back home, now I tend to stick to english brands but there is not to many in the babies department and I don't want to feed him jar food I would like to make everything myself :wink:

Thanks in advance for any advice you may have :D

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« Reply #1 on: January 01, 2006, 03:57:46 am »

I LO had some type of intolerace to milk when he was little.  We ended up on Hypoallergenic formula then to soy.  I started him on rice cereal at 3 months, then oatmeal cereal, and barley.  Now we eat them all.  Not sure what Faries are.  But search on line and maybe you can find some different places to buy foods.  I know my son has an egg allergy and I search different natural food stores for stuff to feed him.  I actually found animal crackers that are not make with eggs.  Its a chore but I would leard to read the labels at a basic level.  It can be helpful it telling what you can feed your baby.

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allergy ? need advice please?
« Reply #2 on: January 05, 2006, 21:56:07 pm »
Hi there

Your lo is still quite little and it could be right what the ped says about trying farlies again at a later date. I would leave it another month or so and try again.

Oats are light on tummies and that is what we started Liv on as she didn't like/mix well with rice cereal. You don't need to worry about filling your lo up as at this stage you are simply introducing tastes and texture - in act they still need to get most of their nutrition/calories from milk so you don't want to fill him up on solids.

I can say it now because Liv is almost 2 but try and relax and enjoy it and I would say that it will probably help you to be able to translate labels so try and find a good book or a pal who will translate for you.