Author Topic: What are the signs of reflux?  (Read 778 times)

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What are the signs of reflux?
« on: January 28, 2006, 23:04:06 pm »
I'm starting to wonder if my 8 mos. old could be experiencing reflux again.  He had it as a newborn.  In past few weeks he hasn't been sleeping very well and sometimes cries shortly after being putdown.  What makes me suspicious of reflux is that he does the same thing he did as a newborn.  He seems to regurgitate a lot but it doesn't actually come out as spit up, he just reswallows it.  I find he often gets fussy when I'm bfing him as well.  He's on solids 3 times per day.  Oatmeal and barley cereal 2x per day and veggies and/or fruit 3 times per day.  He also seems to be mildly stuffed up most of the time and often has firmer bm's that are difficult to pass,

What are the symptoms of reflux and could it be a food allergy?  I don't consume very many dairy products but there's a little bit of formula in his cereal and I've been trying to get him onto sippy cup offering him formula. He doesn't drink that much of it though.

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Re: What are the signs of reflux?
« Reply #1 on: January 29, 2006, 00:33:44 am »
Hi, just wanted to give you a couple links to some very helpful posts. The first is "Signs of Reflux" and the second is "Info. on MSPI." Both could help give you the information you're looking for. HTH!!,654.0.html,25218.0.html

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