Author Topic: Need some advice to get away from orange veggies?  (Read 741 times)

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Need some advice to get away from orange veggies?
« on: February 27, 2006, 19:46:53 pm »
My 9 mos. ds seems to have some food sensitivities and I've been following the guidelines for babies at risk for food allergies but I can't seem to get past the orange veggies.  Thus, I have an orange baby.

So far he seems to have a problem with peas and apples, lentils as he'll often spit up and seem to develop reflux when I'm feeding this type of food.  Because I wasn't terribly careful in slowly introducing things I had to back off on everything on go back to the basics that I knew he could handle like green beans, squash, sweet potatoe, carrots.  He won't do potatoes unless they're mixed with something else. 

I'm wondering about other green veggies like asparagus and broccoli.  These aren't suppose to be highly allergenic yet I wonder how their systems react to things like broccoli which could make them quite gassy.
Has anyone else found their babies have reacted adversely to things like broccoli.   Any other suggestions of things to try.

I haven't tried wheat yet.  I'd like to try that next plus introducing formula.  I'm a little nervous given his reactions to some other foods so far.

Any suggestions for babies at risk for allergies would be appreciated. 

p.s for fruits he's on pears, peaches, banana, prunes.

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Re: Need some advice to get away from orange veggies?
« Reply #1 on: February 27, 2006, 22:45:27 pm »
I follow a low allergenic diet for my 7 month old to avoid the potential of sensitivities to food. She was sensitive to dairy in my breastmilk so i have eliiminated this from my diet. I also eliminated gassy veges from my diet such as broccoli and cauliflower while exclusively bfing, I eat it now. I havent introduced gassy veges yet so i dont know how they are tolerated. I have read other mums mention gas with this vege. My lo eats pureed string-beans so far. I would try broccoli in very small amounts to avoid gas and slowely build on this amount to let your lo get use to it.

Apples are high in salicylates so they say avoid these until 9 months as is dried fruit so avoid these and may sure you use sulphur free if possible. I would eliminate the foods that seem to cause some reactions and try them again later. Too much of anything can potentially lead to sensitivities (for eg. sensitivites to rice can be seen in some asian cultures yet we consider it a very low allergenic food)

Recommendations for 6-9months:
Fruit: avacado, mango, rockmelon, paw-paw, pears, stonefruit
Veges: Zucchini, squash, pumpkin, greenbeans, celery, mushrooms
Grains: all gluten free - brown rice, amoranth, millett, buckwheat, quinox

From 9-12mths
Veges: spinach, beetroot, broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus
grains: oats, basmati rice, barley
protein: chicken, egg yolks, seeds crushed, lamb

Wait to 12 months to introduce corn, tomato, eggplant, peppers and potato
If your lo has greateer chances of sensitivities wait unitl closer to 2 years before you introduce wheat products (only small amounts) dairy and honey. Greater than 2 yrs for shellfish.

The most allergenic foods are diary, wheat, corn, yeast, eggs, peanuts, soya, chocolate, orange, coffee, food additives (including flavors and colouring, preservatives, sulfites, nitrates, asparteme, MSG). If you were to go on an elimination diet this is what you would avoid to find out your allergies then introduce them one at a time.

I would also recommend you try some probiotics for at least 3 months for your baby. I am certainly no expert on the topic of allergies and food, this advice is simply my personal opinion.