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Please help me figure out where to start - Guilty Mom!
« on: February 28, 2006, 18:56:15 pm »
I am feeling tremendously guilty.  It never occurred to me that some of the troubles my LO has had these past months could be food/milk allergy related.  I don't know why.  I read about sleep and milestones and this and that, and it never occurred to me to pop into the allergy board.  So here I am with a 9 month old who has suffered from eczema pretty much from day 1 that I've never found the right lotion of potion for.   Had tons of BF'ing problems that never were solved (and for the sake of my sanity) I quit.  Guilt.  Now, gets really rashy on his face, neck, chin, etc.  and I can't figure out how to cure it.  Could it be food or milk related?  How do I know where to start???

 He has been on solids for 3+ months and now barely want to eat pureed food - no teeth, yet he is a table food guy already.  I have never noticed a specific reaction to a food per se, but I guess I due to his bad skin, I just have written everything off to Ian being sensitive skinned (as has his doc).

We changed formula recently, but again, I was looking for a reaction that was poop based since that was where his trouble was when he was an infant. 

You all seem to have so much knowledge, I keep reading about naturopaths and chiropractors and allergists.  Where do I start?  Should I try to 'start over' on introducing food to see if anything makes a difference?  We see his doc on Friday so I want to go in as proactive as possible. 

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Re: Please help me figure out where to start - Guilty Mom!
« Reply #1 on: February 28, 2006, 19:44:34 pm »
Is his only reaction skin related? or are there other signs as well? Is the skin irritation eczema or a rash?
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Re: Please help me figure out where to start - Guilty Mom!
« Reply #2 on: February 28, 2006, 20:09:07 pm »
My lo has eczema as well and I was told by her ped. to use Eucerin or aquaphore to help clear it up.  They have both worked great.  She is also allergic to soy and milk products, so she is on Nutramigen formula.  I have read many things on the correlation b/c eczema and food allergies.  So this  may be the cast.  I would talk to your ped. about how early you can take your lo to the allergist. I think my nephew was one when he went.  Because of her intollerence to milk products, I too had to give up bf'ing.  I felt guilt as well.  But I then realized it could be worse and she is a happy baby, so I quickly let the guilt go.  You are a good mom for realizing this with your lo. Don't feel guilty.  You have a beautiful baby that loves you.  I hope this helps you in some way.  Good luck!