Author Topic: 7.5 month old habitual 11pm waking  (Read 527 times)

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7.5 month old habitual 11pm waking
« on: March 22, 2006, 13:28:37 pm »
Just some advise would be great.

Pertinent Info:
My daughter Giselle is 7.5 months of age
She has 7 teeth
She began to crawl 1.5 weeks ago
and the next day she started to pull herself to standing
She is a textbook baby with spirited traits.

6:30-7am: wakes up
7am: bottle
8:30: cereal + fruit
9:30: nap (1.5 hrs)
11: bottle
12:30-1: vegetables
2:30: bottle
2:40: nap (1.5 hrs)
5:30: cereal + fruit/vegetables
7: bedtime routine (bath, bottle)
7:30: bed

For the past month (off and on) she has woken up between 11pm and 11:30pm. She is not hungry - when food is offered she doesn't want it. At first she would cry non stop (if held or pu/pd in crib). The last couple of nights she doesn't cry but has eyes open and cannot fall back asleep for approximately 2.5hrs. She then sleeps through the night.

Earlier this week she had a cold (runny nose, temp) I gave her Tylenol Cold for children and she slept both nights without a problem. As well, one day her schedule was off as she would not take a 1.5hr afternoon nap, slept for 45min then had a catnap at 5:30pm. Went to bed at 8pm, woke at 10pm for 5 min and fell back asleep - no other wakings.

She has been on EASY for a little while however she has started falling asleep independently in the last 1.5mths and sleeping for longer than 45min for 2 weeks. She took to it well however then 7 days after we had a regression and now we're back to good naps.

She's very active during the day - go getter. I cannot get her to slow down. My husband's personality.

I'm thinking the night wakings could be due to teething (puts hand in mouth) however they are always at the same time and last for the same duration in length (on average).

Please help.

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Re: 7.5 month old habitual 11pm waking
« Reply #1 on: March 22, 2006, 16:02:42 pm »
when lo is laying there with her eyes open are you in the room...i'm taking it you are or else you wouldn't know her eyes were open...anyway maybe she sees you and is stimulated making it harder for her to fall asleep.  if she is not screaming i wouldn't go in...just wait and see what she does.

as far as her being awake at the same times every night - if she is teething what do you use for pain?  are u giving it to her right before bed?? could she maybe be waking b/c she feels the pain again b/c the tempra/tylenol wore off at that point?

you said you put your hand on her when she wakes in the night?? do u do anything else? are you maybe going in too soon - if her cry doesn't sound 'desperate' - the i need you NOW mommy cry - i might try leaving her a little bit longer to see if she can work it out herself.
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