Author Topic: growth spurt help on how to deal with fussy baby.  (Read 840 times)

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growth spurt help on how to deal with fussy baby.
« on: March 25, 2006, 19:55:56 pm »
I'm new to the site, but have been following the baby whispering way for 7 wks,my DD is in her 11th week.She's had a typical 3/3 feeding routine, waking at 7am, feeding for...wait for it! 10mins-15mins..but she's gaining 8lb born is now 13lb.
She has 3 groups of big sleeps, followed by a shorter sleep of 30-45 mins ready for bath time...bed time and sleeping by 7.30pm.
I dream feed at 10.30pm and she sleeps through till 3.30...I had experimented with the wake to sleep and she was going through till 4.30-4.45....It was all going so well 
Yesterday she woke up all over the place her patterns have gone I guess she's on a growth spurt, i've tried to feed her every 2 1/2 hours but she is only staying on for 5-10mins and then gets really fussy...I mean REALLY! and I try to encourage her and she'll take it for a few sucks and then she's fussing again.....i'm getting worried she's not taking enough milk, as my breasts don't seem to feel full..So i've been doing two things which i'm not too sure are 'right!' The first is to feed her more  on demand and secondly swap breasts in one sitting, letting her have the foremilk from both breasts, as it comes out quickly and so she has to suck

p.s.. today the longest pattern of sleep 1hour 50mins, was after the morning feed which was a good typical feed, after that my DD woke up every 45mins-60mins... , hunger cried,  I fed her, again she feeds for 5mins tops before she fusses, so I stop feeding her, she then is niggley sleepy...because she hasn't fed enough to get her through a good block of sleep, so she's sleepy, I shush pat her tosleep...and the cycle begins....Do I keep holding her in shus pat to carry her through till she will take more milk, I wonder if i'm not producing enough milk to fill her and this is why she's fussing, or might I be miss reading her crying..maybe rushing in and feeding her when she could be shush patted back tosleep....I don't think it's her tummy because she's not bringing her legs up or screaming in that shrill cry that comes with pain....please someone can you advise? ???

p.p.s...hello...tonight my DD last woke at 5.30pm I hung on from feeding her till 6.00 as I'd fed her 4.30....we went through the bathtime bedtime, she was asleep by 7.15pm....She has just stired but is sound asleep, hasn't woke as yet!!  I'll dream feed as usual, if she hasn't woke....oops spoke too soon....she's waking up! bye-bye ::)

last night I fed her at 9.15pm! I tried to ssh/pat, but she was hungry,we don't use paci.I dream fed her as usual.I was awake at 2.15am so did w2s.she slept through till 5.15am. She had a good feed at waking then normal e.a.s.y. is still asleep now, happy and content!
My plan of action is to keep feeding her from both breasts to increase the milk,I read b.w.last night and found that I could also pump to increase supply..i'll see if that'll help.  :)
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Re: growth spurt help on how to deal with fussy baby.
« Reply #1 on: March 26, 2006, 19:46:09 pm »
Sorry no ones replied yet, have you tried cluster feeding at night, keeping to your 3hr EASy and still doing the dream feed?

Can you post your typical routine and I an have a look to see where you can cluster feed?  Also, it is not unusual for 21 or 2 night wakings and when she wakes she is most likely hungry.
Lauren x

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Re: growth spurt help on how to deal with fussy baby.
« Reply #2 on: March 27, 2006, 20:51:32 pm »

I agree with Calum's mum that cluster feeding is a good idea during growth spurts.  My DS also gets frustrated once the flow has slowed in one breast so I often swap him to the other to keep him interested.  Once he's done on the second breast I put him back on the first and then the second again.  This is also one of the methods suggested in the book for coping with growth spurts.  You may still find even with doing these things that you're on something more like 2.5 hour EASY until the growth spurt has passed.  Don't worry as this will stimulate your body to produce more milk to meet your baby's new requirements and you'll soon get back on track once the growth spurt has passed which should be in a few days.

It sounds like you're doing a fab job with EASY too.

Lol at 21 night wakings Lauren - now that would be a problem!!

Kelly x
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