Author Topic: Where do I start with EASY?  (Read 972 times)

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Where do I start with EASY?
« on: March 26, 2006, 14:02:16 pm »
I started on E.A.S.Y last week with my 5 week old DD-  I almost got the semblance of a routine by the end of the week but then I had a few days out and it all disappeared again.
I have a few things to tackle - accidental parenting, nap lengths and general routine - I dont know where to start ...
Should I being with just trying to establish the 3 hourly routine and not worry about how i get her to nap at the mo? ie take her for walks in the push chair when its nap time, or should  I begin with sleep associations? At the moment unless we catch her at exactly the right moment it can be very difficult to get her to nap in the day in her room -  I tried the pat shh, maybe not wholeheartedly enough but now I have to sit there while she sucks my finger to sleep (she wont take a paci) which can sometimes take 20 mins or so, and often when she drops off, she startles and the wakes up completely and doesnt appear to want to skeep again, so its hard not to just get her up and forget about the nap when i've already been trying to get her down for 20mins . Then I have maybe an hour to fill before the next feed and of course the whole EASY routine goes out of the window.
I must say I'm feeling quite overwhelmed with trying to get  all this working but without a routine, my days are a mess so I know I have to work it through. Any tips or reassurance would be appreciated!
Thanks everyone!
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Re: Where do I start with EASY?
« Reply #1 on: March 26, 2006, 18:10:21 pm »
Hi Lisa

-1st goal is to get him down for naps in each EASY cycle,
-2nd goal would be to get him to nap for longer than 1 sleep cycle as often as you can,
-3rd goal is to stretch your LO to 3hrs between feeds.

With the nap/sleeps you may need additional help by posting in these areas, you will get excellent help there. The main thing to do is try and put your baby to bed as soon as you see sleepy cues (if you don't know them yet, don't worry you will get the hang if this soon) the wind down should be about 15mins  Undecided where you would establish the 4 S's
Set the stage - get environment ready for sleep
Swaddle - this is optional and if you are used to doing it to get your LO to sleep
Sitting - quietly with no stimulation

My best advise is to download one of the EASY logs and keep filling it in so you can keep track of your progress. Being on EASY help me understand my DS crying cues more easily and like you say have less 'messy' days. I still tend to stay in 1 day out of 3 so I let DS sleep in his cot and get back on track.

Feel free to post your current routine and we can help you more   ;)

Lauren x