Author Topic: Restarting EASY at 5 1/2 months after international trip  (Read 705 times)

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Restarting EASY at 5 1/2 months after international trip
« on: March 30, 2006, 20:10:04 pm »
Hello!  I'm a long-time reader, first-time poster.   ;D   

I heard of Tracy from a friend before I had my daughter, Autumn, which is 5 months right now.  We've been doing the EASY schedule since birth, with some days/weeks better than others.  However, we are going on a two week trip to Taiwan to see family there, and the time change will be 14 hours.  We have also kept Autumn's bedtime artificially late (around 10p or 11p - bad, I know) so she could spend time with her dad during his peak work season, which ends this week.  So basically, when we get back, we will be readjusting to time change, getting her an earlier bedtime, and looking at starting solids.  What should an ideal day be like for her, so I know what to aim for?  Specifically, I have the following questions:

I don't do a dreamfeed right now - should I introduce one with the earlier bedtime?
When do you wean them off of the dreamfeed?
Should I get sleep down first and then introduce solids or do it all at once?
How do I introduce solids - one meal a day?  in the morning or evening?

I kind of feel like I am starting all over!!   :P

Autumn will be a little over 5 months when we leave and about 5 months and 3 weeks when we get back.
She is solely breastfed (refuses a bottle and passy) and can get to sleep on her own if I don't let her get overtired.  She naturally wants 4 naps a day, but I try to keep it down to 3 to help her sleep longer at night.

Typical (I wish) Day:
9:00a - wakes, eats
9:45a - sleep
11:00a - wakes, eat
     here we go on errands that help her stay awake - grocery shopping, walks, etc.
2:00p - eat
2:45p - sleep
5p or so - wakes, eats
6:15p or so - sleep
7:30p or so - wakes, eats
9p - bath
9:30p - eats for a long time, until she is asleep
10p - to bed
5a - wakes, eats, goes right back to sleep

Things have gone a little crazy lately because I've been sick and she got her immunizations.  I know I have a lot of crazy things in there (no regular spacing, nursing to sleep, etc), but that is how our days have worked out.  Lately I struggle with short naps (she'll be down about an hour) and being sleepy about 45 minutes to an hour after she has woken up, which I know is too early for her.  I've hoping I'll get these straightened out with the new routine when we get back, since we established some important good habits (falling asleep on her own, minimal night wakings, etc.)

Thanks a bunch for all of the help!!


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Re: Restarting EASY at 5 1/2 months after international trip
« Reply #1 on: April 01, 2006, 08:58:46 am »
Hi Sarah welcome to the boards.

First things first, you will want to wake her up at a certain time and put her to bed at a certain time, Tracy's book follows the 7am Wake for the day 7pm Bed for the night.

I wouldn't do a dreamfeed as she is used to having one.  If you start one, (it is entirely up to you of course), then wean them off the dreamfeed when solids are firmly establish and having 3 meals a day.

When introducing solids, they are normally given in the morning or at lunchtime, so you can see throughout the day, if she has any allergic reaction to the foods.

The feeding times, I would gradually go to a 4hr EASY, instead of a 3 hr EASY.  This will then kickstart the longer naps.  Also having a longer A time say like 1hr 15mins instead of 45mins in the morning. Then stretch the A time gradually.

Her is my DD's routine at 6 months, she was like your DD, always wanting to be asleep. 

7am  Feed.
8.35am Sleep  (1hr 50mins)
10.30am Feed
11am Solids
12.05pm Sleep (1hr 55mins)
2pm Feed
3.40pm Sleep (40 mins)
5pm Feed
6.45pm Feed.
7pm Bed
10pm Dreamfeed

Any more questions feel free to ask.

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