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Sleep through feedings,
« on: April 26, 2006, 18:40:27 pm »
whats more important that u stay on a feeding scedule or to let them sleep, my 5 month (he's 17+ lbs) by the time he yawns its bout 1/2 away from his feeding, should i try make him sleep and wake him up at that time? or let him sleep, sometimes he can sleep 2hrs, he usually eats around 8oz...he's pretty much eats every 2 1/2 - 3hrs, I just started this e.a.s.y. yesterday, so I'm unsure on a few things, and also,

cluster feedings, we've been trying to get him to bed at 8...but thats before he knew bout the yawn thing, we'll see how that goes, before we started the plan he usually wake up 4am on the dot....sometimes he requires a feed sometimes just a swaddle and much should i be feeding him the 2 hrs before his 8pm bedtime and at his bedtime? his whole 8oz?...also he usually wakes up for the day anywhere around 8-8:30

oh btw he a angel/spirited, he is figty when he's in the bed trying to go to sleep...he tends to wake himself up...

I hope i gave yall enough info...
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Re: Sleep through feedings,
« Reply #1 on: April 26, 2006, 18:53:25 pm »
Welcome to the boards  ;D

It is important to;
Wake your LO at 'E' feeding time
Chose a set morning wakeup time
Have a set bedtime routine and bedtime.

Do you have any of the baby whisperer books?

Can you post your routine and we can see where we can help.

Lauren x

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Re: Sleep through feedings,
« Reply #2 on: April 26, 2006, 19:11:59 pm »
yes i have the baby whisperer one,

well i didnt have much of a routine before,...mostly it used to be was if he cried he got feed...guess thats how he was 17lbs at 4months...but so far today its been

8:10 7oz
10:11 (some time around) yawned
10:23 alseep
11:00 woke him up for his feeding 3oz...
11:35 yawned, tried to get him to go back asleep, couldnt got him back up and gave him another oz of food)
1:45  fell alseep...
2:00 7oz  woke him up for his feeding
pretty much slept through his feeding tried to put him back in bed....couldnt got him up and
he played until
2:26 yawned and been trying to get him back to bed....nothing so far...hes pretty much playing with his feet a blankie, he cries a little while then i calm him....and walk away when hes playing again...i can still hear him playing in his crib from the baby monitor...
ETA he's now alseep at 3:09...upside down but alseep, some how hes sleeping width wise...but hes a sleep :)

8:15 - 8 oz
8:50 jumperoo
9:30 yawned couldnt get him alseep
11:00  8oz bottle, fell asleep,  but awoke when in crib, got him out finsiehd his bottle put him in his boucer
11:40 yawned put him in crib pretty much fleep asleep right away....slept until almost 2 hrs
2:00 botrtle 5oz
5:00 fed him 5:00 bottle, then i had to take him to my moms b/c i had tickets to a show...

no notes after 5....


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Re: Sleep through feedings,
« Reply #3 on: April 27, 2006, 13:31:53 pm »
I think at his age and weight he could stretch his feedings to every 4 hrs.  This way he will more than likely take a full bottle each time, and he will have more opportunity to properly become tired enough to fall asleep and have more time to nap.  I think he may be getting overtired b/c on the 3 hr feeding routine just as he is falling asleep you are having to wake him.  It may take some coaxing on your part to keep him occupied until the 4 hr mark b/c he may be used to snacking, but just do your best.  You could even go slowly and try to space the feeds 3.5 hrs for awhile, then 3.75, then 4.  It's great that you are watching his cues, so keep it up.  I hope some of this helped.
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