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Re: Our 16 month old doesn't sleep (BIS)
« on: May 01, 2006, 13:20:13 pm »
Hi all, I'm new to reading these messages, but I'm warmed by the experience and wealth of knowledge that you share ;D. I have signed on, as my 14 month old will also not go to sleep on his own and wakes early :( :(.He will have a sleep in the morning at half 9 for 20-30 mins, then again in the afternoon at half 12-1 for about 1-11/2 hours. If he sleeps longer than half 2 he is awful to get to sleep in the evening! He then goes to bed between 7 and 7.30. Each time I or whoever is with him can not leave until he is asleep! (I work full time and have found this difficult with setting and sticking to routines!) I will try the wo/wi routine, or has anyone got any other suggestions. Also do you think that once he can manage to fall asleep on his own he might start sleeping longer in the morning?
Thanks for any advice and help! He has woke now! :)
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Re: Our 16 month old doesn't sleep (BIS)
« Reply #1 on: May 01, 2006, 14:56:38 pm »
Thought your post was worth personalized advice and that's why i splitted it!

I think we'll need more info here, that is, what is her wake up hour, meal times, etc (her short morning nap might be due to hunger). Also, your daughter is old enough to transition to one nap and her signs are pretty clear on that (taking one short nap and a long one). By knowing her wake up time we could work on a one nap schedule to help her sleep that one for 2 hours and hence not needing a second one and being rested for bed time.

If she's rested then we can tacke the sleeping on her own issue. One thing at a time. It might turn out that she's overtired and hence the trouble setting. If whe work on her timings then we can work on the independent sleep thing.

When you say you have trouble keeping routines, you mean each person that takes care of her does things "their way"? it is important for little ones to do things routinely, otherwise all your hard work in sleep training gets lost because of the confusion they can experience. It is very important that every person that takes care of your dd is "on board" with the sleep training and the routines cause it's more likely to reach full success that way. We can do that by designing easy to follow wind down and putting down routines that everyone can adapt to.
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Re: Our 16 month old doesn't sleep (BIS)
« Reply #2 on: May 01, 2006, 17:43:49 pm »
I don't think the needing someone there at night will help the am wake time because he's obviously able to go back to sleep on his own during the night.  I thinkthe early am nap is probably interfering with the wake time. 

My dd had the same pattern 30 min am nap and 1.5 in the pm at that age.  I'd try to push the am nap back slowly to see if that has any effect.