Author Topic: erratic night waking at 6- 7 months  (Read 940 times)

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erratic night waking at 6- 7 months
« on: May 03, 2006, 10:37:09 am »

I started my son on Easy at about 5 months ( friend lent me book after 5 months of no sleep through!!) saw some immediate benefits - woke twice but was easilly lulled back to sleep with hand on chest and paci/soother. THEN started waking screaming evry couple of hours - stopped giving him wheat products (developed eczema) and fruit at last meal. Got tummy bug from nursery ( started on try out) then bad cold, then really bad teething which has been going on for weeks. When he was ill with high temperature I breast fed him for afew days and sometimes he would fall asleep in cuddle (tho did still  put him in cot for regular naps), kept him off nursery for a week. In last 2 weeks his waking is constant except for 1 or 2 nights. he wakes sometimes every 30 -1hr minutes e.g bed 7.30-8.00 wake 9.30, wake 10.00, wake 11.30, wake 12.00, wake 1.00, wake 2.00, wake 4.00 (PROPE long time takes 45 minutes to get back to sleep) 5.30 (have taken him into spare bed sometimes to get 1 hour more sleep)

There are lots of things compounding this so find it difficult to know what to do
1. Solid food - he has sometimes a lot of wind so wondr if food upsetting tum
2. Teething - bit better at mo - but giving him remedies for pain etc
3. ilness change of routine
4  Separation anxiety - cries a lot more when others hold him or when leave at nursery
5. He not taking dream feed anymore
6. Getting better at napping at home with intervention at 40mins but at nursery takes 30 mins cat naps and is sometimes overstimulated
7. almost 7months now - developmental changes - rolling more etc???
8. been on holiday - long weekend o caravan twice recently

I have read a lot of the other posts and makes me feel better but empathy for all mothers who have sleep deprivation!!
Here answer to questions
How old is your child?   almost 7 months
What’s his/her daily routine?
Ideal Wake 7.00 BF and/or bottle 7oz 
(if going to work) (often waking anytiime between 5 and 7.00 try to lull back to sleep)
Activity 2.1/2 hours to 3hrs including
Breakfast 9.00am  cereal/fruit  3-5oz with milk

SLEEP - 9.30-10.00  (at hime 45mins-1hr30) at nursery 30mins
Eat - bottle 11.00am 4-7oz (sometimes doesn't want this)
Activity Play
LUNCH 12.00 veg/fruit  3-5oz  milk 2-3oz or water
SLEEP 1.00-1.30  (45mins - 2hrs)
EAT 3.00 bottle 4-7oz
sometimes nap anywhere between 4 and 6
EAT DInner 5.30pm  veg (fruit) 3-5 oz
Activity incl bath story bottle/bf
7.30-8.00 sleep

What’s nap routine?
Worked hard to get routine look something like this
9.15am-9.30am cuddles/quiet play, give paci/dumy teddy, music-  up to cot takes 2-10mins to sleep
(at nursery they but him in bouncy chair give him paci and teddy - want them to soothe him in cot but not happening yet)

1.00-1.30 take up to room quiet play look at birds out window etc - give paci/dummy toy place hand on tummy play music

Sometimes wants to sleep between 4.30-5.30 or 6.00 onwars but try to keep him awake if this late
At nursey he seems to nap - 9.30 1/2 hr   1130 half hour   sometime 12.30 half hour!!!!  not good I know for him....

How long are naps?
Anywhere between 30mins (at nursery) to2hours (very rare - ony if incar on long journey) usually 1hrish now if I go in and wake to sleep or comfort back to sleep

What's bedtime routine? Time?
6.00 quiet play, 6.30 cuddles songs, 6.45-7.00 bath, 7oz bottle or BF story bed 7.30-8.00

Do you bottle or breastfed??
Both - BF in mrnng and evening but not sure he gets enough as breast now not filling up ( weaned from 5 months bec of return to work
How much? or how long?
7oz morning and night or 1/2 hr breast, 4-6oz (9.00 with cereal/drink) 11.00, 3.00
If breastfed.. one side or both?? (at each feed)

How many wakes per night?

What’s your LO like when waking at night? How long is he/she up?
First wakes I ut hand on tummy or his hand & goes back somemtimes pain- give medicine, sometims have to pick up, comfrtput down. 4.00ish sometimes takes 45mins if don't offer bf

When you go to him/her is she fussing or crying? Or is it a mantra cry?
I try and wait untl I hear real cry startt

What have you tried to settle??
Hand on belly, han, paci back in, cloth/mslin coforter, pcik p put own,

What do you do for A time and how long is it?
2.1/2 hrs to 3hrs  play on mat, play gp, walk dog, shopping, visit mums/cafe, watch music video, singand sign or other class - 1-2 a week

Are there developmental issues such as teething or milestones?
BAD teething pain -bottomtwo just come through week ago
Moving more- more grabby, restless, wanting to get up and go (no igns of crawlling - hates being on tummy) but sitting on own for 2 months

Have you introduced cereal? Why, how much, and how many times a day? (for LO’s under 6 months)

Do they have a prop? If so what is it?  PACI/dummy/soother -only started using his at 5 mnths at sleep times, muslin square
Do they have a lovie?  bedtime bear goes to nursery etc

Don't know if its obvious whats going on - it really upsets me that he's wakin so often and not getting good nights - in pain? tummyupset? regressed to y bad accidental parenting??!! ie wants breast comfort. He is quite a happy smiley boy when naps well and feels secure. definitely noticed more distesswhen I leave him since illness/teeth
Textbook/touchy baby

thanksfor your time hope something jumps out at you that might help???

love to all sleepinbg and sleepless mums

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Re: erratic night waking at 6- 7 months
« Reply #1 on: May 12, 2006, 04:44:40 am »
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Re: erratic night waking at 6- 7 months
« Reply #2 on: May 12, 2006, 20:20:33 pm »
Sounds like teeth & developmental & off track from illness, overtired playing a huge factor. 
Tried an earlier nap time(s) yet?  Maybe 1st nap @ 8:30am & 2nd nap @ 12:30 could help.  My lo would go 2.75hrs - 3.5 hours between nap times, each nap being approx 1.5hrs each after doing PU/PD training for the first week (OH, it brings back memories - it was hard work)  Feeds will be a challenge for you to adjust to your schedule/day care, but if lo sleeps well, will welcome the feed whenever offered as long as it remains consistent from the beginning, being off 10-15min shouldn't be too bad if it happens.  HTH.

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Re: erratic night waking at 6- 7 months
« Reply #3 on: May 14, 2006, 19:17:08 pm »
Many thanks

will look at how might make this happen at daycare - sleeping getting abit better at night - teeth not so sore! naps still need a lot of coaxing and wakes at 20-30mins every time whether do wake to sleep or not - at day care soetimes thy can get himback to sleep sometimes no...I'll let you know if any good news!

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Re: erratic night waking at 6- 7 months
« Reply #4 on: June 20, 2006, 10:32:55 am »
Just wanted to say we have had major improvement. At home he naps well( altho sometimes slips into shorter ones0 At childcare not always good but definite improvement. His next teeth top ones are coming thorugh but do not seem to be so much bother. Now at any night waking if its not nappy/pain  I comfort or PU for a few seconds then he resettles himself - Night waking are getting less and less - Actually slept from 8.00pm to6.00 am other night(with 1 minor wake-up!) and only woke at 6.00 because of really dirty nappy and sore bottom from teething I think etc.  Seems to be learning to soothe self and is moving more so this is helping him get comfortable - roll a bit etc 

Thanks for your adivce - I will wait to post success story for a few days in case I have to come back for more help soon

lots of love to you and lo