Author Topic: What to bring on a 10 hour flight to entertain my 9 month old boy???  (Read 1593 times)

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Hi everyone,

I'm trying to prepare myself for our trip to go see my mother in Florida in just about 3 weeks.
We will be departing from Amsterdam and heading towards Orlando, so it will be a 10 hour flight, Mika's first plane ride alone with me.
Mika was born in Montréal Canada and went to join papa in Holland when he was 6 weeks old, he slept the whole time, no problem then.

But  this time will be different, of course, Mika is super active now and wants to crawl and climb on everything, so I'm not sure how he'll be for 10 hours.
Does anyone have some suggestions of particular toys I should bring, should I buy new ones so he doesn't get bored with the ones he already knows??

If any of you has any experience with traveling by plane for a long time with a 9 month old baby, please, do not hesitate to give me any tips!

Thanks a lot,
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i flew with my son when he was 6 months old (7 hours) and again when he was 10 months (only 1 hour and a half).  both times, he slept much better than he usually does at home (white noise?)
i would see if your son is still small enough for a sky cot which will mean that you have your hands free while he sleeps!
i would also buy a new small toy that i could clip onto a bag so that you can keep it with you easily and bring anything he might snuggle into to get to sleep.  sorry that i can't be more help!  good luck!

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Finger food!  On all the flights we've taken with our 14 month old (though none of them have been that long), small pieces of food like crackers, cereal (we love Gerber Fruit Puffs, don't think you have them in Amsterdam though!) - have kept her entertained for a good amount of time.I've also heard lots pf people reommend a mix between old and new toys - that way you get both comfort and novelty.  Good luck!