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Help - waking hourly after night feed
« on: June 08, 2006, 07:16:06 am »
Alex is 9 weeks old and is on a 3hr easy (roughly) as follows:
7am feed (Alex is wholly breastfed and feeds off one side per feed)
7.15-8.30 - activity to include nappy change and wind-down
8.30 - 10am sleep
10am feed
10.15- activity. Alex rarely sleeps during this cycle

12.30 - feed
12.45 - activity (usually shorter due to not sleeping last cycle)
1.30 - 3.30 or 4 (depending on how tired he is) sleep
3.30 or 4 - feed
Then activity. Alex rarely sleeps properly here although he may doze between 5 and 6

6pm feed
The activity. Again, Alex rarely sleeps here. Has bath at 7.30 and a bit of quiet time.

8pm feed. After feed, dad takes him upstairs, swaddles him, gives him quiet time with his nature sounds and puts him down.
Asleep by 8.30

10.30 - dreamfeed
Alex wakes for his night feed between 3.15 and 4.30. He feeds well and goes back down easily. However, he then wakes hourly until 7am.  Sometimes he seems to be crying in his sleep as when I go in he is crying but his eyes are shut (not screwed up from crying but more asleep type of shut if you know what I mean). A simple shh calms him back to sleep then. Other times he's wide awake. Most times a simple shh stops the crying and he's happing being left in his moses basket awake and does drift off. Either way, he's then awake an hour later.
We don't have to get him out of his basket, and we don't - it's just a pain that we have to get up to him every hour.

Alex is a fast feeder - 7-12 minutes is normal. Having tried expressed milk from a bottle a couple of weeks ago, he was taking 5oz during that time! As he has mild reflux he has a dummy to help with that. He does cry for it sometimes but usually spits it out when he's done. The only time he cries when it falls out is if he's uptight and not relaxed. He's Textbook/Touchy.
His activity is usually just looking around - he loves lights and windows and his playmat. I try to keep afternoon activity low-key.

Hope this is enough info. Can you help?

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Re: Help - waking hourly after night feed
« Reply #1 on: June 16, 2006, 17:25:47 pm »
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Re: Help - waking hourly after night feed
« Reply #2 on: June 16, 2006, 19:57:14 pm »
My daughter does the same exact thing. It sucks so much! Just pulling myself out of bed for the umpteenth time takes more energy than I have (quite literally) :-\. I was advised on these boards to stick to one thing only, rather than trying multiple methods. Since my Taylor was clearly hungrey when she woke (usually around three) I fed her, but have just stoppd - much like you - in hopes that her body will train itself to eat those calories during the day. It works on me, too! I found that if I get in the habit of eating a granola bar or two after settling Taylor at 3 AM, I start needing the granola bar. If I eliminate food in the middle of the night, I still get hungrey for it but after a couple days I do not. I assume it works the same way with babies. But if your son is only 9 weeks it is quite possible that he could need that food. Babies under 3 months often need to feed in the middle of the night - and obviously Alex is a good eater (if you express 5 oz in one sitting, he is actually eating more than that from your breast by an ounce or two, so that's great) and since breastmilk is so easily metabolized then it may not be that he's only waking out of habit. I suggest that if he still cries for a feeding after you've eliminated it for a couple nights, feed him. If you're fortunate to have such a healthy, thriving baby you may be unfortunate to have to feed him once during the night. But I assure you it will not be necessary by at most 5 months, as I am sure my 6 month old is waking because she's accustomed to it.
The bigger issue, however, is waking up every hour after the initial waking. It's like all bets are off! My solution with Taylor is to wean her from her paci. There's more info about that on the "props" board.
Hope I was somewhat helpful!
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