Author Topic: Hints for less traumatic hair washing in bath.  (Read 3081 times)

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Re: Hints for less traumatic hair washing in bath.
« Reply #15 on: October 09, 2006, 13:08:57 pm »
We got one of those attachments for the faucet part of the tub and it is a dd will put it over her own head and it makes it easier and hse feels less anxious about it.  Also, my hubby sings 

Hipp Hipp o pot a mus

now she sings it too...
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Re: Hints for less traumatic hair washing in bath.
« Reply #16 on: November 06, 2006, 21:18:13 pm »
what works for us is to use a wet sponge with plain warm water to gently wash her head and hair - some people might find this a little weird but our 10 mth old has never had her hair shampooed, just washed in this way. She has always had a lot of hair too, and it is silky and lovely so not suffering through lack of shampoo - it really isn't very natural to use detergent in hair, ask any trichologist and especially babies' hair, apart from the odd bit of food smeared in it, it doesn't get dirty much! I realise some people might not be comfortable with this though. She also had cradle cap quite a bit and I just used a mixture of sweet almond oil with a few drops of lavender and rose essential oils massaged into her hair after it was dry. I know one day she'll need a little shampoo when she's older but hopefully she'll associate having her head massaged with being something nice.
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Re: Hints for less traumatic hair washing in bath.
« Reply #17 on: November 07, 2006, 15:44:33 pm »
Hi, I had this problem with my DS but found out that he didnt like the feeling of the water in his ears as the air already in the ear mixing with water gives a strange sensation! My health visitor recommended using cotton wool in the ear to help with this, but I didnt like the thought of putting anything in his ear and bought a bath hat and now wash his hair whilst he is sat upright and have had no complaints!!  Dont know if this is of much help but good luck!!