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Milk intake - what you can expect between 6 months to 12months +

At between six and nine months it is important that your baby continues to receive 530 - 600ml (18 - 20mloz) breast or formula milk per day, divided between 3 (or 4) milk feeds and inclusive milk used in food.

To ensure you baby gets the right balance of milk and solids aim for 180-240ml (6 - 8oz) milk feed first thing in the morning and one last think at night.

At between nine to twelve months if you feel your LO's milk consumption drops too quickly and you are concerned about a low intake, additional dairy food such as fromage frais/yogurt/creme fraiche and milk sauces can be introduced into the diet. Milk intake recommendation as above.....

From one year it is important that large volumes of milk are discouraged, as this can reduce a baby’s appetite for solid food.

At this age, you baby needs a minimum intake of 350m (12fl oz) a day, and no more than 600ml (20fl oz), inclusive of milk used in food.

Try to abandon the bottle, and offer all drinks in a straw/sippy/open cup from now on. Do encourage you child to keep up their fluid intake with water and diluted unsweetened fruit juice although drinking too much before a may considerably reduce a baby’s appetite, so offer solids first at avoid this happening.

taken from my baby & toddler cook book  (creme fraiche)  (fromage frais)
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