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Props vs Comfort items. Whats the difference?
« on: July 31, 2006, 03:20:52 am »
A prop is anything baby uses in order to fall asleep, and/or go back to sleep when they wake.  Props typically cause problems when baby becomes dependant on them, when they can't sleep without them.  Some troublesome props are pacifiers, feeding to sleep with breast or bottle, a swing or any type of motion - walking, rocking, swaying, and bouncing to sleep.  Baby grows an association with the prop and needs it whenever they are trying to go to sleep. 

When babies transition through sleep cycles, they sometimes wake briefly.  If they require a prop to fall asleep - they will wake and cry because they can not get back to sleep without the prop, and they can't manage the prop on their own.  The result is frequent waking to be plugged in, or bounced, breast, rocked etc.


car seat
hand holding/holding of any sort
parent in the bed/baby in parents bed *

A comfort item is something that a child chooses and has full control over to feel comfort. This could be a blanket, a stuffed toy, a bottle, a paci, or any number of things.  These items are chosen by a child between 6-12 months usually. Some children pick it later in life and then give it up when its no longer needed.

Comfort items can be given to infants as young as 6 months in order to assist with the removal of a prop. When first introduced comfort items are given by the parent but it’s not always what the child ends up picking. The best you can do it try.

Comfort items are very important your for children’s mental and physical development and encourages independence. Children learn that they can comfort themselves and it helps them to learn independent sleep.  They are a wonderful tool and you should encourage your children with them. As I said most will give them up in their own time, or when they reah 2-4 years old you can remove them with encouragement, helping your children feel grown up. I recommend bottles and soothers be dropped at about 2 as the longer these go the harder it is to break.

Lovie/Comfort Item

Teddy bear/stuffed toy
Quiet music
Thumb *

* things that often depend on parenting style and preference.

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