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10 Reasons You Cannot Use Pu/Pd
« on: August 15, 2006, 02:40:55 am »
10 reasons you cannot use Pu/pd

You shouldn't use Pu/pdÖ

1) When you have tried nothing else first.  Be it pat/shh, a hand on the back and gentle words, or the Gentle Removal Plan.  Pu/pd is meant to be used as a last resort when nothing else has worked.

2) When baby is currently on the incorrect EASY routine.  A baby needs to be tired to be expected to sleep.  He needs to not be over stimulated or overtired.   He needs to not feel hungry.  The right EASY routine is key.

3) When you intend to keep a prop of any sort.  List of props:  You canít use Pu/pd and continue to use a prop.  The exception to this is with an older baby who has control over the paci and can use it 100% on their own Ė the paci is then a comfort item.  See this link for more info:

4) When baby is ill.  They need love and cuddles until they are better. 

5) When baby is in Pain Ė be it from reflux or teething.  When pain is under control then pu/pd may be an option. 

6) When baby is happy, or when baby isnít truly crying.  Pu/pd is not intended to speed up the going to sleep process. You cannot Pu/pd with a happy or fussing baby to make them go to sleep faster. If your baby is happy or only fussing, she is achieving the intention of pu/pd which is self soothing.  Leave baby be, she will go to sleep in her own time.

7) When you feel you canít commit to 2 weeks of sleep training.  If you are going on holiday, or have something else that will interrupt your sleep training.  You need to be home for all sleeps.  Please see this post for further info:

8] When baby is under 4 months old.  Babies younger then 4 months burn too many calories crying with Pu/pd and they may not grasp the concept Pu/pd is trying to teach.  Use pat/shh or some form of it instead.

9) When baby wakes due to hunger.  In most cases, it is not appropriate to use Pu/pd. Your baby is crying out of genuine need and this need must be fulfilled.  The only exception is possibly on a much older baby who is taking in the bulk of her calories at night, instead of the day time. This is rare.

10) When baby has reflux.  Some people feel that the act of up and down can aggravate reflux problems.  Please use your judgment with your baby.  Pu/pd isnít an option if baby is experiencing pain from Reflux.

If you have any questions regarding this information, please feel free to ask for clarification.
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