Author Topic: which to focus on, night waking or dream feed weaning?  (Read 596 times)

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which to focus on, night waking or dream feed weaning?
« on: September 30, 2006, 20:44:11 pm »
My daughter will be 8 months old next week and weighs 21 lbs or so.  The last 6 weeks, it's been a real struggle to get in enough calories in the day to prevent night time feedings.  (2 feedings a night including the dream feed)  Usually, 4 out of 7 nights a week she requires an extra night feed on top of the dream feed.  ( she always wakes up at different times, and goes right back to sleep after eating 4 oz or more so I know it's hunger and not habit.  I know that I should start weaning the df but should I wait til she consistently sleeps without that extra feed?  Below is our routine:

6:30 wake and 4-6 oz. bottle(usually 4 oz or so)
7:30 solid food 1-2 TBS
8:45am nap 1.5 hours
10:30 4 oz bottle
11:30am veggies 4oz jar
12:30 nap 1.5 hour
2:30 5 oz. bottle
3:30 cereal and fruit 3 Tbs
4pm 30 min nap
5:30 6 oz
6pm bath
6:30 4 oz and then bed
10:30 dreamfeed 4 oz

IN the last week, she's been refusing the df or just taking an ounce and then waking up between 2-4am and drinking 5 oz.  Last night we added 2 ounces of water to 4 ounces of formula and she drank 5 ounces at around 3am and then slept till 7am.  but only took 4 ounces in the 7:30am feed and hardly any solid food.  Should I continue the watering down method and stop the dreamfeed or should I feed her less at 6pm and then more at the dreamfeed?

I appreciate any insight!  Thanks!  Below are some of the other questions I havn't already answered.  ;D

What’s your LO like when waking at night? How long is he/she up? I always try to give her her pacifier first and only feed if it's been 30 minutes more and she won't go beck to sleep.
What do you do for A time and how long is it?  Activity time is exersaucer, floor play, errands.  It's still really tough to stretch her longer than 2.5 hours even though she's 8 months.
Are there developmental issues such as teething or milestones?  She has two teeth already and she may be working on her top teeth, it's hard to say.
Have you introduced cereal? Why, how much, and how many times a day? (for LO’s under 6 months)
Do they have a prop? If so what is it?  She uses a paci, but only to fall asleep so I don't think it's a prop.
Do they have a lovie? a stuffed elephant

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Re: which to focus on, night waking or dream feed weaning?
« Reply #1 on: September 30, 2006, 23:41:22 pm »
Hi there!

  I am sure you will get lots of great advice but I just wanted to say something about my experience. I weaned my lo from the dreamfeed between her 8th and 9th month.  I fought with the same question on which to fix first.  I had gotten the advice to wean the df first as it oftentimes help diminish other nightwakings.

Sure enough once I weaned the dreamfeed my daughter woke much less during the night. The only nightwaking left was one between 3 and 4:00 am in which I was giving her a breastfeed. 

Happy to say that at 10 months she sleeps through with no nightwakings or feedings. Good luck with everything!

 :) Shelby

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Re: which to focus on, night waking or dream feed weaning?
« Reply #2 on: October 01, 2006, 18:21:57 pm »
Tracy said that the DF needed to be weaned at 7.5 months because at that point it would interfere with biorhythms and cause more wakings. Of course every LO is different, but it's something to consider!
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