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Diegos Mama:
Dear friends:

Our babywhisperer forums have been supporting parents utilizing Tracy Hogg's techniques for years now.  We have grown enormous thanks to the dedication of many of our members who share their experiences of Tracy's methods with each other.  I'm writing to encourage you to continue to do so and to reach out to our visitors who come looking for support.  As our site has grown larger and larger, we are faced with an amazing task of helping desperate parents who come in search of help with their babies.

While we have moderators assigned to many of our core forums, it is impossible for them to tend to all of the posts written.  In fact, our moderators' main responsibility is facilitator of the forum:  making sure things are running smoothly, tending to and reporting any website issues that arise, moving topics better suited to other forums, and providing insight when they can.  Their main focus on the forums is not to work in the capacity of resident expert on their assigned forum.

If we are to continue as a sustainable community, all of our members need to contribute to it. It cannot be the sole job of the moderators to provide support to our mums and dads who come looking for help; it needs to be a job where we all pitch in.

Please, if you come searching for answers to a baby issue, do not put it on the moderators to solve it.  Reach out to all of the visitors who frequent this forum for help.  There have been great pressures in the past for moderators to answer specific posts and solve individual's sleep issues.  This is not their responsibility, rather something all of us need to contribute to.

If you have been provided support, encouragement, and help in the past in solving a sleep issue, please offer your support to others.  Please give back what you've been given so we can continue for years to come.

Thank you.


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