Author Topic: Please Read - WARNING re: sleeping on sofa/couch with Baby  (Read 35625 times)

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Please Read - WARNING re: sleeping on sofa/couch with Baby
« on: December 06, 2007, 19:19:21 pm »
I know that most people know this, but in view of a recent post, I feel this urgently needs highlighting again.

Under NO circumstance should you ever sleep with your baby on the sofa - it is INCREDIBLY INCREDIBLY dangerous.  The risks of smothering your baby to death are huge, so please, no matter how tired you are and desperate for you baby to sleep too, don't sleep on the sofa with him/her.  If need be - take him/her to your double bed with you and use only light blankets to cover you both.

I have first hand experience of dealing with a case like this when I worked in A+E (ER).  The young mum had fallen asleep with her LO on the sofa and woken to discover that she's accidentally smothered him.  He was brought into us but couldn't be saved.  I will NEVER forget that young girl and her heartbreak - I would HATE for this to happen to someone on here.  The young mum was herself brought in by ambulance a few weeks later having attempted suicide     

Here is a link to the actual story:-
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