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A reminder on blanket safety - a bit scary but ends OK

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Samuel's mum:
I'd like to put this experience here as I think we can all learn from it:  It's from the La Leche league (breastfeeding organisation) board.

It is by the grace of God that my son is not dead tonight. I went to the store with DS taking a nap. His legs were cold so I covered him with a light blanket. DH was cleaning up the living room. He said that he just had this sudden urge to check on DS. When he went in there the blanket was wrapped really tightly around his neck and head. He was flailing but not making a SINGLE NOISE. DH quickly unwrapped him and his lips were blue. He smacked him really hardly and made him cry. He started breathing.

He said he just held him so close and cried. I fully believe that it was the Holy Spirit that told my husband to go check on him. I cannot wrap my mind around why the hell I put a blanket in the bed with him, I know better than that. It blows my mind beyond comprehension to think that a few more minutes and my son would not have made it. I shudder at the thought. I've finally stopped crying (though the guilt won't go away for a while) and just wanted to send a reminder. Don't put your LO's down to bed with a blanket until they are old enough to sit up I guess. He can roll over and I didn't think it was a problem.

Just be careful. Please.

Oh my god I feel quite sick after reading that. I usually use a sleeping bag but if Dominic is asleep when I take him to bed (if fallen asleep in pram or whatever) I cover him with a blanket. Never Again.
Thank you Emma, I really appreciate you giving us this

scared me to death.  i always use a blanket for naps b/c he is in a onsie, and i worry about him being cold. 

is that right - when they can sit up it's ok to use one? 

thank you so much for the info. 

Very worrying but I'm glad there was a happy ending. But, what would you use before that age? I used blankets with both of mine from newborn... feet-to-foot and blankets tucked in at bottom & sides. I thought there was a minimum age for sleeping bags - or do you get tiny ones.

Yup my little one was in a sleeping bag from about 14 weeks, you can get them in 0-6months, 6-12 etc. I didn't use one from newborn though cos Dom liked to be swaddled and didn't want him to get too hot with sleeping bag and blanket


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